Another study that discovers the obvious has seen the light in the last few days. The "astounding" revelation is that smoking during pregnancy constitutes no harm to the baby.
We have previously touched on this subject within the sixth story included in a larger news review, with a link to the study itself, included there. Here we take further perspective on this umpteenth embarrassment to Healthist scare-mongers.

The exoneratory study results, of course, are “diluted” to attenuate the reactions of the “public health” Gestapo and to minimize calm and sanity amongst the public. In fact this study, like virtually all "lifestyle epidemiology," really proves nothing. How did the "researchers" know that the studied women were smoking, and how much? They asked. Could they verify the answers of the mothers? No. So, once again, questionnaires and unverifiable answers are at the foundation of these conclusions, and, once again, this "science" is largely speculation.

However, the scales used to weigh the children of the presumed smokers are no speculation at all, they are objective measurements, and it turns out that when there are no other co-factors typical of the poorer classes, “when the results are corrected for other factors, such as diet, lifestyle and alcohol, the effect of smoking on birthweight drops to 1.8 per cent and the reduction in gestation becomes insignificant.”

We may add that 1.8% is well within standard variation.

It did not take a study to discover that, as it is clear that the “dangers” of smoking during pregnancy are a fraud that despicable “health” authorities use as a scare tactic and as psychological violence to elicit guilt and submission in women. It’s a fraud — yet another fraud. For more scientific documentation showing that maternal smoking is irrelevant to the health of the baby, click here.

Furthermore, it did not take a study to discover that the adult generation — i.e., the baby boomers — has been created by the most heavily smoking generation ever, that of our present-day oldsters. We are living long and healthy lives as a species. Our only real and rampant disease is the paranoia that dishonest authorities push on us every single day. Smoking creates impotence? Ask the baby boomers’ fathers! What impotence? What lack of fertility?

What is curious is that this study “made it” through some of the mass-media censorship, although we are sure that it will not be advertised in the same way that trash studies that promote the latest epidemiological antismoking fraud would be.

We have no doubt that the antismoking cons are angry; they better tighten the screws of censorship for the next time — more propaganda, more pressure on the media, especially by the pharmaceutical advertisers! Otherwise, how can they continue to lie on smoking and pregnancy?

Anti fears: Big Pharma may be displeased. No scary results, no grants. So watch out! Quickie studies that shall scream "smoking kills babies" are going to get cranked out pronto!



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