Here is an image that well depicts the beleaguered position of smokers in the 21st century. It is a satire. Or is it? How long before this will be the only way to smoke a cigarette in peace, and to be respected for what you are? We hope never — but don’t be too sure.

There are only two ways to prevent this picture from becoming our future.

The first is to quit smoking, submit, and obey (and behave as if you believed the frauds and propaganda that "they" bestow on you every day.) That way throws your dignity in the trash. You can cover that up by embracing the justifications and sound bites that "they" are offering you to save face, for example: "I feel so much better now that I have quit", or, "Ever since I quit, it has been a liberation."

The second way is to act now and disobey the bans. This is the proud way to break the backbone of the institutional fraud. Show the bastards that they are not in command. You are. You’re the injured party. You deserve revenge. Do not accept the role of a "bad guy." You never did anything wrong. So fight back!

It is up to you.



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