Britain’s oldest man, thought to be one of three surviving World War I veterans in the United Kingdom, recently celebrated his 112th birthday with a VIP lunch and fly-past by the Royal Air Force.

Still perfectly lucid, Henry Allingham is also the last surviving original member of the Royal Air Force – formed 90 years ago.

Servant to the healthist ideology that is proclaimed by the British government, BBC news puts it this way: “When asked for the secret of long life, Mr Allingham said: ‘I don’t think there’s a particular reason’ “, but then lamely adds: “…He has joked that the secret to his longevity is ‘cigarettes, whisky and wild women’ ".

Joked? No joke is involved in Allingham’s age and the cigarettes, whisky and other joys of life he enjoys. Stating the obvious, however, can no longer be said in health-obsessed Britian.

Obviously Allingham has lived his life the way it should be lived, and for that he has our congratulations as well as our birthday wishes. Aside from a very good genetic mix, his real secret is stated between the lines: “The only thing I can say is all my life I have lived within my limitations, take life slowly, don’t get any stress or strains”. In other words, moderation.

Moderation, not abstention, fear, hysteria and paranoia, is the secret of long life. Smoke, drink, eat and enjoy yourself while you can, because even if you manage to live as long as Henry Allingham you will realize, as your eyes gaze at a point beyond the room – indeed beyond time and space – that life will have lasted but an instant. Then the Great Reckoning will then come, perhaps the gateway to hell or heaven. The difference at that point may just be what you have FAILED to enjoy and to do because you have listened to the devil of stupidity and fear, worshipped by the health obsessed.

Happy smoking – and smoke one to Henry Allingham’s health.

Allingham makes a fine addition to our long list of super-old persons, all of them – what a coincidence! – smoked, drank and loved fine food. In that list you will not find people who have abstained from drinking, smoking, eating and who have spent their lives exercising, watching their weight, and depriving themselves of the simple but most important joys of everyday life – the joys that matter. Those who have lived in fear of living and of getting sick are not here today to tell us their stories, as what they lived fearing so much has already caught up with them.



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