A place where normal folks can gather socially — whether smokers or non-smokers — to socialize normally was, naturally, the definition of a hospitality venue prior to the dictatorship of Anti. That a nightclub which does its best to approximate normal conditions under tyranny is now crammed to bursting with normal folks of every stripe therefore does not surprise.

The Nexus nightclub in York, England, can no longer operate normally. No nightclub and for that matter just about noplace can. Anti says so. Nevertheless, the Nexus owners did their best, investing £30,000 in an accommodating roof-top smoking garden. It was a wise investment. As the director of the ownership company explains, "It is so popular with both smokers and non-smokers that we need to extend it to accommodate everyone."

Congratulations to the Nexus, but as all Anti-watchers know, when the crazy old girl hears of this she’ll begin dreaming of a ban on roof-top smoking gardens. Anti-watchers know that our Anti is contemplating anything and everything to sow division in society while humiliating smokers in every conceivable way. So we watch her closely and will keep at it till Prohibition and beyond if it comes to that. Anti is very mad, and very powerful, but there are still lots of normal folks in the world. They can smash Anti. They need only find the will. Many have already. That’s something worth watching too.



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