Question: What do you get when a male snake from Philip Morris climbs in bed with a leading-presidential-contender female snake? Answer: a new litter of venomous anti-tobacco activist baby snakes who promote the idea that children’s health insurance should be financed by Philip Morris customers.

One of Hillary Clinton’s “key advisors” has also been a consultant to Philip Morris. This recent blog is highly recommended reading. It provides the inside story about how Philip Morris and Hillary Clinton have been working together for the past several years. Perhaps we can finally put to bed the urban myth that tobacco control advocates and Philip Morris are arch-foes. Allegedly anti-tobacco activists are the best friends that the Marlboro Man ever had. What’s more, we now have inside information from participants that reveals the incestuous relationship between tobacco control activists and the biggest of Big Tobacco. It turns out that they, together with the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, have one of the most lucrative schemes ever going to fleece the masses.



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