"The disappearance of sun spots was the hot topic at a recent international solar conference held at Montana State University. For the past two years, the sun has undergone a phase of relative inactivity, meaning usual solar phenomena such as sun flares, sun spots, and solar eruptions have all but disappeared."

It appears that with Earth’s average temperature dropping 0.7 degrees Celsius over the past year there is a kink in the global warming scheme of things. Oops! So much for that! And now what are all the hysterics, the shysters and the junk scientists à la passive smoking going to do?

Not to worry: as it is for all the mounting evidence that smoking causes cancer as bananas cause mountains to raise, all the environmentalist shysters need to do is deny and ignore the facts: that may buy the years that are necessary to bankrupt the world economy and finally destroy the technological progress that they hate so much, plunging us back into the romantic Middle Ages they aspire to obtain.

Imagine: no more cars and suburbia, people crammed in cities sterilized of every joy where people’s behaviour can be controlled in every move; personal initiative and independent thinking finally listed in the code of crimes against state and society; energy, food and activities rationed by a state controlled by “them” in the perfect neo-socialist dream world. Medical care conditioned to compliance of "social" values and behaviour.

Above all, total control of information (only what’s good for you will be allowed to reach you!): ignorance is essential for fear and superstition, as the "wrong" education may get people to object and not comply. In turn, with fear and superstition "health and environment" can count on every citizen to become an attentive and apprehensive eye on his neighbour, and in that way ensure total compliance. With citizens watching and spying on each other on smoking, BBQs, incandescent light bulbs and especially ideas, the bastards of "public health" will be able to claim a police state by popular demand. Isn’t that wondeful?

That is the world that health, safety and environment envision for us. Isn’t that worth ignoring every and all evidence that stands in the way of its achievement?

You bet it is. In the meantime, enjoy your SUV, and take the dust off your finned car.



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