This would have been a most appropriate title for this article flagged by C.A.G.E. Canada. It would be nice if the piece was worded openly in that way but — hey, we are talking about “public health” here, and honesty is far beyond what this institution is capable of.
Link to the C.A.G.E. Canada commentary (stored link here).

As we foresaw long time ago, the persecution of smokers was only the beginning, the ice breaker for a criminal system designed to target, eventually, the entire population. Of course we were not believed at the time, and we were told that it was just an excuse to justify our "addiction"/"vice"/"bad habit"/"dependence," and so on. Of course we are likewise constantly painted as possessed by the Big Tobacco daemon. We have no link or even affection for the tobacco industries. We don’t care who does or does not smoke either. Questioning the integrity of the opposition is the standard procedure of those who have no intelligence and no integrity. We are honest. Modern "public health" is a travesty. We were right. We do love rubbing that in the opposition’s faces now.

So, first the smokers had to be refused operations, then the fat, then the drinkers. Then, in general, those whose lifestyle was not “healthy enough” according to the scum sociopaths at the helm of “public health” these days. The latest arrival is the old people — that is, all those who have paid 40 or 50 years of contribution to the now criminal institution that “public health” has become. It was "public health" that insisted on longevity uber alles. Now they want the old folks who paid so long, to suffer, and die. This is what the Telegraph reports — while also reporting, of course, the false statement that smokers "cost" £1.7 billion (for diseases attributed to smoking by cons without a shred of scientific proof.)

It’s very clear. It’s what we warned of. This is the return of eugenics (leave the weak and those who don’t comply behind, kill them, or let them die), now highlighted in the unilateral default of a social contract that goes back many decades. The bastards of “public health” got the money and now they don’t want to pay the penalty for mismanaging and squandering it. They should go to jail for that, but they are sitting on the chairs of power instead, and that’s the problem. The problem can be solved only by forcibly removing them — which is exactly what we must do to put an end to this.

In their dishonestly evasive way, these wanton doctors are admitting the total failure of a system that was designed so badly, failure was inevitable. Now that the designers are dead and cannot be made to pay, those who are sitting in the chairs point fingers at their victims, reminiscently of Hitler in his bunker, blaming Germans’ lack of resolve in following Nazi doctine.

The system works like this: you (young people) pay for the diseases of us (old people) and then, when you get old, the young people of the time will pay for yours. When this faulty system was instituted, many economists indicated that it could not work but they were, of course, ignored as much as those who say that there is no scientific proof that smoking causes cancer are ignored (and hated) today. The socialist dream had to go on: it’s all a matter of emotions.

When people were actually dying around the age of 65 or earlier, and they abundantly produced children who in turn paid for them later, that worked passably. Today people live longer — a sharp contradiction to the BS propaganda on smoking, drinking, and so on that we hear every day. Old age means disease — regardless of past or current lifestyle, as nobody has ever died of excessive health. There aren’t enough people to pay for all that, so scapegoats are found, to further bamboozle the population.

The health idiots point out the obvious: if you don’t get sick and old, the health system is going to be healthy. No kidding! But if nobody got old and sick, we would not need the health system in the first place! There are ways to fix the problem — but first must come the political admission: the socialist "public health" system has failed (again), and that failure is NOT due to lifestyles.

After that, solutions are possible: potentially a system where the young people deposit their contributions to a tax-free fund in their name, which is their own, for their own old age — a fund that cannot be touched for anything else but health reasons. Legislation that limits the powers of Big Pharma must come too. Dramatic reduction of the "public health" bureaucracy — an expensive cancer requiring massive excision — cannot come too soon. Furthermore, the vicious Healthist ideology must be recognised for what it is, sending today’s eugenicists to hiding in the hills where their predecessors ran, or to jail, where they really belong.

We are following related issues closely. Awareness of a need for a revolutionary change in outlook on public health and its mechanisms is growing. Follow these pages as we chronicle events.



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