We take inspiration from this piece from our Canadian friends at C.A.G.E. to continue improving on the solution to media’s gross bias.
From the C.A.G.E. piece (link is at bottom this page):

“We have explained in the past how anytime we write to the media about anything other than the tobacco issue, we get published 100% of the time, yet when it comes to the smoking issue, this percentage falls to 1% as far as the Quebec English media goes.”

“Other groups and activists attempting to exercise their right to be heard, have also experienced the exact same phenomenon. Only letters that do not challenge the conventional wisdom find their way in the paper. Can this qualify as censorship? If so, who commands it?”

Reading the sequence of back-and-forth e-mails between the Canadian Association of Journalists and Steve, the activist who wanted to put a very balanced paid ad in their magazine (ad text is included in the C.A.G.E. piece at link bottom of page), one can extrapolate the answer to the rhetorical question posed by C.A.G.E..

It is not called censorship. That would be too honest and unequivocal. Antitobacco is based on lies and equivocation. It’s culture engineering and ideology first of all, and opportunism after that.

The culture engineering part comes with the collaborationist effort of the mass-media to spread the neo-Nazi healthist ideology and false information on the science. The job of the media is to:

Make it appear that the overwhelming majority of the people (smokers and non-smokers) supports smoking bans, and considers them and the demonization of smokers not to be an offence to liberty and constitutions, but just a manifestation of “tough love” by the “public health” crooks.
Such “tough love” is necessary because tobacco kills so many active (and passive) smokers, and costs society financially as well. The fact that there is squashing evidence that all of that is false is to be absolutely ignored and suppressed.
At this point in time the media have “stuck their necks out” so much against smokers and popularized the antismoking epidemiological fraud to the point that they could not reverse themselves for all the tea in China. Their only possible way is forward with hatred and intolerance. They have to convince you that smoking is “wrong” and that quitting is “right” and “sociable.”
There is another reason why the media can no longer go back: because, with tobacco advertisement made illegal, they have grown dependent on pharmaceutical money — and the investment of the pharmaceutical industry in smoking cessation and antidepressants is too huge to be threatened by widespread dissent — so the appropriate pressures are applied to the heads of publications to suppress that dissent as well as the epidemiological truth — even in the case of paid advertisement.

What can be done to let a large portion of the population know about the epidemiological and ideological fraud (and cultural engineering) that the “public health” institutions perpetrate daily? How is it possible to spread the knowledge that there is a growing international movement, and motivate the victims of “public health” to organize and rebel when the mass-media have become collaborators of the neo-Nazi ideology that worships “health” and junk science?

Certainly not by turning to the mass-media!

The solution is the development of alternative means of communication that are IN COMPETITION with the mass-media, and that carry the message that the media are unwilling to spread.

This is what the FORCES Multimedia initiative is all about: developing the technology to reach every computer, every mail box, every cellular phone — and even, in the process, and with innovative techniques already in development, to seep through the blockade of the mass-media while competing with them. As we are growing and developing we are becoming more difficult to ignore.

Imagine, one day, that you are able to hear and watch the news through to your cellular, your TV set, or your digital radio. That is not fantasy — in fact, technically, it can be done already! The good news is that it DOES NOT take millions of dollars to do it! Look at what we are doing with just the few thousands of dollars you have donated in the past — and you ain’t seen nothing yet!

This is what FORCES is offering to you and to the entire liberty movement: a means to COMPETE with the mass-media and to carry the truth through to the public at large. We need your donations, your cooperation, your membership and your tangible support — because FORCES is yours, not ours.

We are smokers and non-smokers. We believe in dignity. We believe in choice. We neither advocate nor denigrate the choice to smoke, nor do we prescribe otherwise regarding lifestyle, and we reject the redefinition of all pleasure as addiction. We are workers rather than whiners. We are not paid off by Big Tobacco (BT, nauseating in its appeasement, has not the courage to support citizens who stand up for truth and for their rights.) Our website is our beacon but we are not “just a website." We are a growing movement activating for the fundamental values of truth, clarity, personal liberty, and individual responsibility.

We intend to impress without equivocation, in the face of Healthist tyranny, the absolute ownership of one’s existence. We mean to expose and conquer the relativistic thinking of ever-changing values used to justify frauds. We shall continue organizing and fighting to end the oppression of the antismoking and related healthist movements. We have been around for 11 years. We have proved our dedication. Check our archives. All our warnings about the trajectory of healthism, often branded “extremist” when lofted, have indeed come true — and that is our proof of competence.

We have the truth on our side – and that is why compromised media try to suffocate our message. All we need is the POWER and resources to push the message through. This is what the antismoking bastards and their minions fear the most.

Become a member, work with us, donate to FORCES. Because — really — if your freedom is not even worth the price of a couple of cartons of cigarettes a year, it isn’t worth anything at all — and you don’t have the right to smoke ‘em, even if you got ’em.



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