The antismoking cancer is particularly metastasized in Anglo Saxon countries, that seem to have bought the epidemiological frauds and neo-Nazi ideology packet at a discounted, wholesale price. The United States, Canada, England and Australia are particularly infected.

Nevertheless, not all the fabric of society is destroyed yet and pockets of integrity, sanity and sense of priority are still numerous. Take, for example, this piece from Down Under.

“Police commissioner Karl O’Callaghan has said even if legislation is passed to ban Western Australia’s drivers from smoking in cars with children, his officers would not impose the new laws.”

Janet Woollard, the health Nazi doctor who introduced the bill along with the prohibition of smoking in al fresco dining areas, on patrolled beaches, and banning the display of tobacco products at the point of sale, wants to “help” smokers to quit by making their life impossible. Like the overwhelming majority of antismoking crusaders, the lady seems to be intellectually retarded, and she does not understand that smokers do not want to be “helped” to quit, and she cannot prove any mandate by smokers to that effect in the first place. Of course we are facetious: busybody trash never needed any mandate: the trash already knows what is “right” for the universe!

Back to the story, here is someone who has decided to to help Wollard to quit by refusing to enforce the Nazi law that she is now proposing – and for good reasons:

“…But the police commissioner said he would tell his officers not to bother even writing out the tickets for the proposed offenses – saying they had enough to worry about already. … The bottom line is that we don’t have the resources to do it, and it would not be a high priority for us and we would probably not even issue the infringement books. And I don’t want to take responsibility for the prosecution. At the end of the day police in this state are responsible for crime generally and road safety.”

Common sense lives. What is the reason for prosecuting/persecuting people who harm no one in the first place? After all, it is well known that no mortality from active and passive smoking can be scientifically demonstrated. That only leaves ideology; and the enforcement of ideology is not the duty of the police in the first place – unless you live in a Nazi country, that is.

WELL DONE, Mr. O’Callaghan! We will smoke a cigarette to your health and long life!



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