A bureaucratic flack in the United Kingdom is making the case against bottled water. To do so he is cribbing from a very old script.
"We have to make people think that [drinking bottled water] is unfashionable just as we have with smoking. We need a similar campaign to convince people that it’s wrong," said Tim Lang, Natural Resources Commissioner.

Mr. Lang needs to get out of the governing class’s ivy tower once in a while. Smoking has never been more fashionable, now that mealy-mouthed old prudes, such as him and the New Labour Puritans, screech stridently against tobacco. Adding bottled water to the expanding list of prohibited items shows how truly addicting issuing petty orders is. He does, however, follow slavishly the template in comparing drinking water with smoking, no matter how ridiculous it appears. Smoking cigarettes now exceeds launching a holocaust or enslaving a nation as the definition of depravity.

Summoning up junk science, just as his peers in Health have done to try to eliminate smoking, Mr. Lang grabs some figures floating throughout some "studies" to proclaim that producing a liter of bottled water produces 600 times the carbon-dioxide as does producing a liter of tap water. Highly dubious, but even if true, this is irrelevant. Lang and his stable of "researchers" have never demonstrated that CO2 causes global warming nor whether, in fact, global warming, as caused by man, is even occurring.

To convince the masses that they are evil, Mr. Lang says that drinking the water from one bottle "ruins" the environment as much as does driving a car one kilometer. In the nightmare world of this man’s microscopic intellect merely living is cause for despair. Down the road, he and his fellow hysterics will inevitably come to insist that there are just too damn many people, that we must ban people … somehow. The fanatical rhetoric is moving from the implicit to the explicit. We have been warned and it’s up to us to end the insanity.



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