As England will have a smoking ban in a few days, one lawyer is “warning” (read: he’s trying to lobby for) smoking “exclusion zones” to address the “problems” expected to arise because of the congregation of smokers outside buildings.

Among the concerns is “smoke blowing back inside buildings,” according to this crafty anti-smoking zealot disguised as a disinterested legal observer. Of course, once there are smoking exclusion zones that forbid people from lighting up within a certain distance of buildings, people will do their smoking further away from the buildings, leading to the creation of another “problematic” zone at a somewhat greater distance from the building. This will of course have to be addressed by an extension of the “exclusion zone” until smokers are in effect prevented from lighting up anywhere in the open air. Meanwhile the diesel trucks will roar by…. We must keep repeating it … this isn’t about health, it’s about persecuting people.

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