Iraqi people may now have the two fingers which which they hold cigarettes, severed.

That’s right – those two fingers will be cut right off! The article states that most Iraqis smoke , so I guess we’re going to be seeing a lot of them minus two fingers. Al Qaeda unabashedly reaches the goal that anti-tobacco doesn’t yet dare articulate.

This bit of barbarity didn’t make much of a splash in the United States where anti-smoking laws, no matter how repulsive, must never be deplored. One man who did link oppressive terror with anti-smoking fanaticism was ridiculed as a clueless numbskull.

That man is Fred Thompson, who recently announced his candidacy for President of the United States. The Republican contender was making the point that Al Qaeda had outworn its welcome in that war torn land. As an easily understood example of distaste he pointed out how anti-smoking regulations imposed by the terrorists, merely one gruesome provision in a string of outrages, was igniting opposition by the long-suffering people. Nothing like arbitrary mayhem to prompt pulling out the welcome mat.

The thrust of Thompson’s sensible analysis prompted the few outlets that covered it to focus on Thompson rather than the extreme anti-smoking fanaticism that was responsible for Iraqi’s losing their fingers. Any examination of anti-tobacco ruthlessness must be deflected. Thompson now knows that criticism of the anti-smoking agenda, even when promoted by the vile animals that brought down the World Trade Center, must be severely silenced or ridiculed.



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