We welcome our readers to a new and important section of our Scientific Portal. This section tackles an issue that, with the incremental march towards prohibition, has become increasingly taboo. Can cigarettes be made progressively safer and still be cigarettes?


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Antismoking propaganda wants us to believe that cigarettes are an “inherently defective product” – that is, they cannot be made better.

Another propaganda sound bite is that “if cigarettes were invented today, they would not be allowed." Of that we would not be surprised: with the backwards and paranoid attitude that seems to prevail today, neither would cars, plastics, oil and nuclear power, the steam engine and thousands of other industries and products that led mankind out of the dark ages and slavery. Why? Because all those products may be “threats” to health, safety and environment.

Little surprise then to hear that the public health authorities and antismoking activists say that this industrial product – cigarettes – cannot be made in a better way that makes them safer to smoke.

This section of the scientific portal leads you through a long history of testing, experimentation and research that started 40 years ago, using original documentation not available anywhere else. In reaction to the 1964 Surgeon General Report on smoking, a massive program was started to create a safer (or less hazardous, as the scientists like to call it) product. This research employed a deep understanding of the components of smoke. The name of the program was Smoking and Health, supported by the National Cancer Institute in cooperation with the tobacco industry – yes, you read correctly: in cooperation with the tobacco industry. By 1980 all the principles for a better product were established, and the base research work was complete. Then it all came to a halt.

What happened? Abolition and prohibition took over, heavily lobbied by the pharmaceutical industry which, in the meantime, had begun developing nicotine delivery devices such as transdermic patches. The “love affair” between Big Tobacco and Big Health ended abruptly. Politicians were promised a “smoke-free America by the year 2000” in exchange for a completely free hand – to lie, to scare, to forbid, and furthermore to degrade and “denormalize” what, at the time, constituted about half of the adult population: good folks who enjoyed tobacco.

Cigarettes, suddenly by prohibitionist declamation an “inherently defective product,” became Satan along with the industry that produced them. The Smoking and Health program of the NCI was dismantled, the evidence buried and destroyed – along with a better, safer product. The ideological shift towards prohibition, persecution and oppression was even visible in the name of the program: from the rational, positive and logical Smoking and Health program to the emotional, negative, and catastrophic Smoking or Health, as if no one can be both a smoker and healthy.

FORCES International has the rare privilege of interviewing one of the few surviving members of that research team, Dr. Gio Gori, who told us about past and present efforts to make cigarettes a better product. Dr. Gori was the Deputy Director of the Smoking and Health Program.

America did not become “smoke-free” by the year 2000 and it is not “smoker-free” even now. In the meantime, the propaganda machine tells us, relentlessly, about 5 million people “killed” by smoking each year on planet Earth – and the fantastic number keeps on climbing. That is a fraud for two reasons: a) not even one death has ever been scientifically demonstrated to be caused by smoking; b) the “mortality” of tobacco cannot be calculated. It is all a lie to scare people into quitting and steer them towards pharmaceutical products.

Regardless, we shall proceed from the assumption that everything that the public health institutions say is true. Questions then come immediately to mind: how many millions of people has the suppression of less hazardous cigarettes killed? How can we trust public health institutions which allowed this to happen? What can be done to correct the virtual carnage that “public health” itself says is true?

This is what this presentation is all about. It will lead you through the suppressed documentation of the early research. Our library already contains the Banbury Report – the book that was suppressed along with the research. All the documentation that you see came from what is likely to be the only surviving copy in the world, because the destruction of evidence was extremely thorough – but, fortunately, not thorough enough.

Then we will describe the potential rebirth of that program. Surprisingly enough, this is now suggested within proposed legislation under consideration by the US Congress, which would confer regulation of cigarette production upon the Food and Drug Administration. Will the creation of safer cigarettes be suppressed all over again? It certainly may be since the president elect of the United States has clearly indicated his intention to continue with the suppression, abolition and spreading of hatred against smoking and passive smoking. The bill before the Congress is based on the 2001 Institute of Medicine Report of the US National Academy of Sciences, which recognized not only that less hazardous cigarettes (LHCs) are feasible and desirable, but also adjudged nicotine a safe substance. The 2001 report was suffocated in America and across the world by irresponsible mass media, acting in their usual role, as relentless lackeys of “public health’s” prohibitionist and fascist ideology.

Despite its hesitant suggestion of safer cigarette production the proposed FDA bill carries the familiar antitobacco reek. If that was inevitable the surprising point remains: it recognizes the fundamental point that cigarettes can be made better, less hazardous immediately and, within a few years, no more risky than many other everyday household products, to put it in the same way the Institute of Medicine did.

Smokers have been abused and killed for years. They have been betrayed by their own suppliers. They have been betrayed by consumers’ unions, whose socialist ideology could only conceive suing the tobacco industry on behalf of indemonstrable causality of disease by smokers, but never defended the right of smokers freely to enjoy a legal product. Smokers have been betrayed by all – and humiliated by all – while they are the source of incredible wealth and profit by both the state that persecutes them and by Big Tobacco, that kisses “public health’s” buttocks and helps with the humiliation of its own customers.

It is high time that smokers consolidate themselves into a new, powerful consumer group that demands a safer product, the end of persecution and epidemiological junk science frauds.

The recent dramatic electoral shift towards hard socialism that makes the United States embrace an ideology that it once fought against – a fight that was obviously lost – promises even more state bloating. That makes the issue of less hazardous cigarettes and the transformation of smokers into a strong consumer power even more pressing, because there are indeed reasons to believe that safer cigarettes may be suppressed once again, so that the public health assassins can continue to push prohibition to "save" people from the death that they themselves continue to cause.

Safe cigarettes are possible. It is up to the consumer to demand them, and fight against the “authorities” that don’t want them. Such authorities have demonstrated for decades that they would rather see smokers dead of the diseases they are talking about “preventing” than see them with those “sticks” in their mouths. Such fanatics will not give up easily. The very idea of a return to tolerance and civilized coexistence is anathema to them. They want prohibition. They want you to obey or die. They are a force to be reckoned with. It is past time to "denormalize" these fascists. If that is accomplished, those that have lately ruled, will be punished for their crimes.

Antitobacco declared war on the citizenry long ago. We are fighting back on many fronts. We sincerely hope that this new educational area of our scientific portal is the beginning of a process that will lead to the production of better cigarettes, to the end of persecution, and to the defeat and punishment of the health fascists.




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