The Birmingham News of Alabama recently parroted an American Cancer Society press release reflecting the usual fear-mongering rhetoric and predictable poll numbers suggesting Alabamans want smokers prohibited from any form of social congregation even amongst themselves. Our correspondent Sam Nettles has responded to the newspaper.
To Dave Parks of the Birmingham News

Re: American Cancer Society Study

Your story on the above-named study in Alabama is spun the wrong way. Second-hand smoke studies have all been firmly established as junk science.

ACS methods have been questioned and funding has suffered. Go to for details.

More than a quarter of Americans smoke cigarettes. All efforts to scientifically prove the dangers of second-hand tobacco smoke have failed. Even if the dangers did exist, smoke is not smallpox or the bubonic plague and governments unconstitutionally meddle with individual rights. The unwinding accumulation of government intrusions leaves out free choice and freedom itself. A free society is dangerous but an oppressive government is totally destructive.


Sam Nettles



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