Youngsters as young as primary school age will undergo stomach-stapling surgery as the United Kingdom deals with its "obesity epidemic."
In a country where basic medical care is being denied to those whose behavior displeases the Healthist regime, advocating draconian surgery on young people displays an irrationality that is breathtaking. If it is true that children in all rich nations are statistically bigger than in the past it is also true that assigning the word "epidemic" to the phenomenon plays to the public’s emotions rather than the intellect. It is also true that the people happily anticipating stapling children’s stomachs are the same so-called experts who have instilled fear in parents that their children will be damaged if they indulge in the activities that kept their parents lean. With all the perils outside, so quaking parents are led to believe, it’s better to keep sonny indoors, in smoke-free air plied with antiseptic spray, glued to the television or wired to the computer. The health freaks are in large part responsible for whatever weight problem that exists, and their "cures," including invasive surgery, will inevitably lead to other, severe problems. It’s time to staple shut the experts’ drivelling mouths.



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