From reading this article, we have to conclude that non-smokers are a bunch of really dirty people.

The old whine that the poor non-smoking victims had – poor souls! – to clean their clothes more frequently in times of smoking freedom finds its confirmation here.

“Johnson has blamed last year’s ban on smoking in pubs in England for a tumble in profits at its dry cleaning chain. Its dry cleaning business saw profits fall 28% to £1.8m in the six months to 30 June as customers’ clothes no longer reek of stale smoke after a night out.”

Another collateral damage of smoking bans? You betcha, but we have to zoom out a little, to get some perspective. Smokers always did and still do bathe themselves and clean their clothes. If non-smokers are cutting back on cleanliness we can assume that smokers are cleaner generally. Their homes are cleaner, their cars are cleaner, and so are their clothes and persons – yet another great side benefit of smoking.

Being dirty does not mean carrying the scent of tobacco, and smelling like tobacco is not "reeking." Being dirty means carrying dust, bacteria, dead skin cells, dandruff and smelly feet. It means infected air because windows are not open. From the whine of the non-smokers brainwashed by antismoking propaganda, it is easy to deduce that those non-smokers clean their clothes only when they reek, wash their hair only when it’s visibly greasy, and wash their shirts only when they see the black “ring around the collar." Out of sight, out of mind. Their home cleanliness must be gruesome: for example, can you imagine washing the curtains ONLY when they are yellow, since they never smell like smoke?…

Little we knew that hygiene was such a big problem for those reeking advocates of "health." In some American schools, children are brainwashed with an “oath” to never kiss a smoker. Young smokers should be told never to kiss a non smoker – never mind becoming more intimate… yuck! Judging from what we hear and read, pasty mouths, breath stinking with mal-digested food (not even covered up by tobacco scent!) — to say nothing of smelly armpits — seem to be the new conquest of the non-smoking healthist crowd.

Indeed, antismoking environmentalists (often one and the same) already preach against flushing toilets when just peeing — to “save the planet” and the most abundant substance, water. In short, accumulate all the various pees by various people on top of each other and flush only in case of poo. They even have a slogan – we are not making this up: “If it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down!” No doubt they also have a "no smoking" sign in the bathroom. Welcome to "health" in the 21st century.

Happy smoking and happy showers. Keep your dry cleaner busy: he will love you and so will hygene. Given what we hear, you want to be as different from non-smokers as you can possibly be!

On a slightly more important point, it is interesting to notice that the antismoking lackeys of BBC, while steadily suppressing bulging information on the smoking ban-related economic devastation on pubs and economy, seem to have no trouble at all reporting smoking ban-related damage to dry cleaners.

Why? Just think about it. This news makes smoking and smokers look bad, whilst it paints the fraud-based smoking ban as a "social conquest" leading to a “cleaner” environment (to the point that dry cleaners are hurt!), while the exact opposite is true. As it happens in airplanes the air, in fact, is far dirtier now because it is not changed as often and thus it is loaded with viruses and bacteria (have you ever noticed that there are no pre and post smoking ban measurement “studies” on that by the "health authorities”?), while people are dirtier because they don’t wash themselves and their clothes as often.

No surprise there, either. Representing wrong as right has always been the art of the devil.



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