As an alternative to the FDA regulation of cigarettes, Senator Enzi proposes prohibition. Let’s look at the sick ideological postulations — the ideology here is Prohibition — that have emerged from the ranks of the antismokers while they continue to toil away for monetary gain on the whole fraudulent deal.

"Some have suggested that FDA regulation of tobacco is the way toward safer tobacco products. But we know that there is no such thing as a safe cigarette.”
Here’s the ideology at work: what can’t be made absolutely safe must be PROHIBITED, and that’s the conclusion that’s sure to be drawn before long. There is no such thing as a safe car, either – or a kitchen blender, for that matter. But industrial products CAN be made better. Cars and blenders have been made safer, amongst millions of other products. Cigarettes can be made safer too. In fact, that research was done over 30 years ago and it has been suppressed by the criminal acts of the “health” institutions embracing abolitionism. Senator Enzi proceeds from a fanatical and ideological assumption that sees only the extinction of smoking as a solution, and promotes yet another public health fraud by saying that cigarettes cannot be made safer.
“Proposals to have FDA regulate tobacco are a misguided attempt to force a deadly product into the regulatory structure developed for drugs and devices – products which DO have health benefits."
So do tobacco products – and more than one. But we have no doubt of Enzi’s conviction in this matter. Senator Enzi is a for-sale stooge of the Pharmaceutical Industry, a cheap mouthpiece with questionable integrity that protects the commercial interests of his bosses so well, he has even worked hard to successfully prevent the import of less expensive drugs for American patients to serve the interests of his corporate masters. His prostitution to Big Pharma pays well, of course, as this USA Today piece indicates: “…A measure that blocked an effort to allow drug importation passed, 49-40. The 49 senators who voted against drug importation received about $5 million from industry executives and political action committees since 2001 … The bill’s chief sponsors — Sens. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., and Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., — agreed after consultations with industry officials and others to modify a proposal that all clinical drug studies be made public, said Craig Orfield, Enzi’s spokesman. Under the change, only those studies submitted to the FDA would be available. Enzi took in $174,000 from drug interests since 2001; Kennedy, $78,000.” Read the article for further details. Like all hypocrites, Enzi fraudulently advocates the “health” of Americans when he has done, in fact, his best to damage it. The dirtier the hypocrisy, the greater the lie.
Let’s continue: “Furthermore, FDA review and approval of tobacco products sends a terrible public health message – creating the sense that cigarettes are safe or can be made safer, when we know they cannot. … Importantly, the proposal under consideration by the HELP Committee explicitly states that the FDA will not be permitted to ban nicotine or tobacco. That is not true regulation.”
To be sure, it’s not "good" regulation: if nicotine can be removed from tobacco, then cigarettes will truly become a deadly product, and at last maybe someone will be able to scientifically prove at least one death wholly related to smoking. But Big Pharma would come in to “save the day” and make billions by selling nicotine inhalers and other devices to its victims. After that, the production of cigarettes will be made illegal and nicotine inhalers will be the only way to “smoke” – completing the fraud on smoking in the US as well as abroad, starting actual prohibition around the year 2010, as per pharmaceutical/WHO script, and as we have said many times. And WHAT will the cut be that Enzi will get from the pharmaceutical mafia? We do not know, but it is certainly to be substantial. High-flying whores don’t sell themselves for cheap.

We at FORCES have been the first to recently analyze and denounce the manoeuvre of Philip Morris to monopolize the cigarette market through the FDA – for which we have been recognized even by tobacco control advocate Michael Siegel. No one at this point can say that we side with the tobacco industry. While we are not sure where Siegel’s praise of Enzi really comes from, we are now denouncing a similar and even dirtier manoeuvre by the Pharmaceutical Mafia to promote antismoking fraud and use it as a smokescreen to monopolize the nicotine market by making cigarettes truly a deadly product with the removal of nicotine – the first step towards actual cigarette prohibition.



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