Back in the 1950’s an American child’s reluctance to chow down on a plate of brussels sprouts and liver provoked the same old message from exasperated Mother: Eat your food. Children are starving to death in China! The message now from the Mother of us all, the United Nations, is stop eating you rich fatsoes, your gluttony is starving millions. The supposedly obese West receives a double whammy from the UN. Not only do our voracious appetites waste $20-billion per year but our fat bodies cost the world $100-billion by our premature deaths.

Some might wonder how enjoying a hearty diet in countries that produce enough food for all their inhabitants, and from many enough for export to other lands, somehow results in "starving millions." The answer is quite simple. We live on a planet that is suffused with guilt. Guilt over enjoying a smoke. Guilt over driving a car. Guilt over hoisting a few. Guilt over having central heating. Guilt over having "too much" to eat. The list is endless. Coupled with the smothering guilt is the hysteria over one’s own and others’ health. Never, at least in the rich countries, have people been so healthy yet relentlessly bombarded by Big Health’s message that we are all sick and ready for the graveyard.

The underlying, and most important, message from the UN’s threnody over fat rich foks eating themselves to death while simultaneously starving the poor folks in distant lands is the call to fork over money to the UN for distribution to those it feels need it. "From each according to his ability to each according to his need" is a classic collectivist slogan that is the operating principle of the United Nations, Big Health and too many politicians. The only difference between the old, sclerotic communist regimes that collapsed under their own weight back in the 1990’s is that the slogan has been updated to add the following: It’s for your own good health.



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