Hungarian “public health” is planning to join the European brotherhood of criminals that endorse the passive smoking fraud and the repression of freely chosen lifestyles soon. In fact, it is a “top priority.”

“Hungary has 60.5 deaths from lung cancer per 100,000 citizens, compared with an OECD average of 37.4, according to an index compiled by Bloomberg using OECD data. More than 30 percent of the population uses tobacco, higher than any OECD country except for Greece, Turkey and the Netherlands, the data shows.”

The citizens of the fourth smartest (next to Greece, Turkey, and the Netherlands) country in Europe are about to be persecuted because 0.0605% of its population contracts lung cancer – and the ENTIRE amount of those cancers is arbitrarily ATTRIBUTED to active or passive smoking without any scientific proof by dishonest “authorities” that deserve zero respect and 100% DEFIANCE.

The subliminal implication of this and other thousands of articles we read every year is that is only smoking could be eliminated, the figures concerning lung cancer would drop near zero – thus smoking bans and antismoking campaigns are a “good” thing. That is plain false information. Corrupt institutions will never stop. What are we prepared to do to stop them?



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