Forces Netherlands goes houseboating against the threatening smoking bans. Forces NL president Wiel Maessen directs his ship (a houseboat with a huge flag saying "Stop paternalism! Stop smoking bans!" [Link: Telegraaf 20.06.07 Kreuzfahrt Bild]) through Dutch canals.

On each shore leave, he and his fellow activists spread sign-up sheets in bars and restaurants. In the past days, they were welcomed very warmly in almost 100 % of the hospitality spots where they showed up. Furthermore, Maessen draws a lot a media including several TV features in one of which they were called "street fighters".

[Click here to see picture and text]

The boat trip, which is seen both as a cruise and a crusade against public health tyranny, is scheduled to have its climax in about two weeks in Amsterdam, where a huge party is planned.



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