The current round of societal paranoia about eating and obesity was bound to generate a counter-reaction among the savvy and hip. Witness the recent nude debut of hefty pop-punk singer Beth Ditto on the cover of a British pop magazine “wearing nothing but a lipstick tattoo on her tush…

Ditto has also posed nude for London’s Sunday Times and once refused to sing at the hip U.K. fashion chain Top Shop because the store doesn’t cater to women her size. Her fat pride is an inspiring counterpoint to the current troubles plaguing other full-figured singers.”

It’s a safe bet that Ditto will not become the next Pamela Anderson, but that’s hardly the point. She’s delivering a nice provocative punch in the gut for a propaganda machine that seeks to assign one less human value point for every extra pound over whatever the health tyrants say is the “ideal”. If that sounds like an overreaction on our part, consider the creep who tried to launch a campaign against American Idol contender Jordin Sparks because her size suggested “diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol.“ Beth and Jordin, we salute you. Hope you both sell lots of albums.

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