The voters of Wallis Canton in Switzerland demand a vote on the antismoking law that the Parliament wants so badly.

Officials in Sion, the capital of the Swiss state Wallis, have announced that the population wishes to vote on the subject of smoking bans. The upper house had produced a new health bill containing an almost hidden smoking ban, and was trying to bring it in through the back door. Some inhabitants, feeling betrayed by a lack of information and good faith on the part of officials, have successfully collected 3,832 signatures, enough to request a popular vote. It is estimated that the vote will take place before the end of this year.

The referendum committee points out that 85 percent of the opponents to this law come from Upper Wallis. The state of Wallis, especially Upper Wallis, is known for its historically rebellious and unshakable feelings against any pressure from the authorities. Chances are that they will reject any interference by the WHO-infected federal executive, just as the state of Nidwalden did some months ago.

Five of the 26 Swiss states, namely Geneva, Tessin (the Italian-speaking part), Solothurn, Graubuenden, and Appenzell Ausserhoden have so far agreed through popular polls to the introduction of smoking bans. Smoking prevalence in Switzerland is about 25%.

Bigots, antismoking bastards and assorted fanatics can "protect" themselves by going outside where they can enjoy the hydrocarbon-filled air to their heart’s content – and that’s the way it should be. After all, if smokers can be banished to the outdoors, so can the zealots who hate smokers and the aroma of tobacco.

Article in German.



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