Health and public safety are such crucial components of personal and public well-being that they are all too often abused by the power-mad to grab yet more power.
Never before, however, have naked power grabs more piously cloaked themselves than during the last several, morally confused, decades. Personal choices such as smoking are curtailed "for the public good," even though there is not one iota of real evidence that moderate smoking harms the smoker, never mind the lunatic pap about harm to the "innocent" bystander nearby. An innocuous pleasure has been transformed into an intolerable hazard that cries out for heavy-handed governmental intervention and punitive taxes.

Global warming is the latest, and potentially biggest, fraud that is being foisted on the public to regulate behavior deemed anti-social by a governing class that long ago forgot for whom it actually should be working. Pointing out that people in Los Angeles "have just had it" with traffic congestion, a California state assemblyman has written legislation that will enable Los Angeles County to increase taxes on motorists. He calls his bill a "climate change mitigation and adaption fee."

Orwell couldn’t have said it better himself. Residents of Los Angeles are indeed weary of traffic-clogged freeways and streets but social engineers such as the assemblyman and his fellow tax-hikers in the county transit bureaucracy never advocate for more freeways or wider streets, preferring instead to impose punitives on the citizens who need to drive in the sprawling Los Angeles metropolitan area. The global warming hoax is a smokescreen to persuade people to embrace policies that run counter to their self-interest.

The commentary about the tax-hike scheme, to which we link as reprinted by the Desert Dispatch, originated at the widely read Orange County Register. Read it and enjoy. It is a rare day when a large newspaper not only refuses to worship at the "climate change" altar but offers a tart assessment of the idiotic Nanny state to boot. The Register aptly comments on the contradictions and absurdities of a con job that threatens to impoverish this nation while imprisoning the citizenry in coils of regulations and taxes.



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