Time to tax those air polluting smelly cows and hogs!
And we’ll make sure it’s a high tax so we can put all our farmers out of business and then make way for imported meat so that the politicians can enrich themselves at the expense of our US businesses. Par for the course in an era when politicians, who are either incredibly stupid or astonishingly corrupt, kowtow to ideologues who advocate a return to the pre-industrial past to combat global warming, non-existent problem. The goal of this, as well as all other legislation crafted to "fix" planetary climate change, is to render the bulk of the population into 21st century serfs, whose carbon footprint is zero. Zero is the end game of the nihilist religion that began with anti-tobacco.

Not crushing that monstrosity lead directly to this point where our leaders are considering whether to reduce the food supply to satisfy the zealots pushing the global warming hoax. The Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin imposed an equally pernicious ideology on his people in the 20th century resulting in the death of 20 million people. Now our supposedly free country is populating our legislatures with Joseph Stalin advocates who masquerade themselves as "progressives." At what point will people call a halt to "scientific" tyranny that advocates starvation to serve a murderous orthodoxy.



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