Remember the big crack-down by state revenue departments concerning online purchases of cigarettes? Well, here it is for everyone.
The article we link with here discusses the fact that states cannot legally force out-of-state online retailers to collect sales tax for them, but they are beginning to coerce retailers to do so regardless of this. As the economic downturn increases this pressure will be increased.

Yes, folks should pay taxes legally due, but why should a consumer who purchases cigarettes online be forced to do so while collections are not applied to someone who buys a case of wine or a compact disk over the internet?

This news report illustrates once again that what happens to smokers will ultimately be imposed on everyone. Look to tobacco control policy to predict anti-obesity and ultimately all public health and population control policy, including of course, looting the public at every turn.

We earnestly need to change the way government conducts business on (versus for) the people.



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