As has happened before, the tobacco contraband market is going stratospheric in Canada, carrying along loads of teens in particular. These youngsters are not the fools that tobacco control cons take them for.


One really has to reflect on this: in countries such as Canada – but in the West in general – there is no teenager who has not heard the hammering lies on smoking – in schools, from the media, from brainwashed friends, from everywhere.

Yet, per the Winnipeg Free Press, "About one-quarter of Ontario teens and 35 per cent of Quebec teens are smoking contraband cigarettes, which are cheap, unregulated by the government and untaxed, according to the survey, which was conducted by Arcus Group and sponsored by the Canadian Convenience Stores Association."

Assuming that the survey is accurate – it seems most likely close to right – it is truly impressive to see how smart the youth really is. Who is the idiot, in fact, who buys cigarettes at astronomical prices, after having to show documents as if he meant to buy an AK-47, and to get a product with lies and (in Canada) gory pictures plastered on it?

Please note another very important detail "smuggled" between the lines here: since it is logical to assume that not all teen smokers buy contraband cigarettes, what we are actually told here is that easily half of the teenagers smoke. In other words as many as ever did before the smoker pogrom. Indeed a great success for the largest campaign of fraud and misinformation in history, isn’t it?

Of course, such a demonstration of logic and independent thinking by the youth represents a "problem" for the "public health" trash, and that pleases us no end.

The newspaper notes its worries: "In addition to being unregulated and having uncontrolled ingredients, police organizations say that proceeds from black-market cigarettes fund organized crime and present a serious threat to society."

There is some truth in this. The issue of uncontrolled ingredients was highlighted by FORCES and other organizations over ten years ago, but the criminal "authorities" did not want to hear it because it was contrary to their political agenda. Now they sow as they reaped.

That the black market benefits organized crime is true everywhere black markets grow. What really is the difference, however, when "public health" has itself become the largest and most destructive criminal organization going? There is no greater threat to decent society than is the tyrannical Health Cult.

The article’s complaint that contraband cigarettes are "unregulated" is pretty damned silly. The regulations, including impossible taxation levels, are of course the very reason for thriving contraband.

Contraband chewing gum is not a problem today as contraband cigarettes were not a problem the day before yesterday. Hyper-regulation of tobacco is why. Such a lesson shouldn’t be necessary but for mentally deficient tobacco regulators there it is.

Tobacco regulation, Big Pharma, corrupt authorities, attorneys, and medical associations, represent the madness and madmen of the anti-tobacco criminal organization. They will not regulate and legislate themselves out of existence. We the people can eradicate them and we must.

The article blithers on: "The numbers should send a strong message to the government that it must intervene in order to stem the massive flow of illegal cigarettes into Canadian schools."

In other words more of the same idiocy which created the "problem" will cure it. Again, they don’t learn, they never stop, we must eradicate them, the Canadian kids are helping to do just that with their willful intelligence.

The paper blathers further: "Everybody has heard the issue and everybody has ignored the issue. What is this going to do to the future of youth smoking if you can buy 200 cigarettes for under $10?"

We have an answer for that: they will be smoking, they always have, they are now, right in your ugly face! What a delightful picture that is!

Ten dollars resembles a fair and honest price for a carton of cigarettes. Fair and honest pricing would exist without a black market in the presently impossible scenario of installing decent government.

Criminal governments receive harsh lessons but they do not learn. What they need is harsher treatment. Give it to them or they will give it to you. Change can come in good time but not without extreme force. Defy anti-smoking Nazis.



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