Jacob Grier is a young man who sees straight through the antismoking fascism. He sees through the passive smoking fraud. He is aware of the economic damages. He works in the hospitality industry.
“Ban proponents disingenuously compare smoking laws to benign regulations such as keeping rats out of the kitchen, making the staff wash their hands and keeping meat refrigerated. They’re missing an obvious point: There are not, so far as I know, groups of oppressed consumers demanding restaurants where the cooks have dirty hands and the meat is rotten. People do demand places where they can smoke and drink together.

"In addition, what goes on in the kitchen is difficult for diners to discover from the outside, while smoking policies are easily ascertained. So long as entrepreneurs, customers and employees gather in such places willingly, there’s no justification for the government stepping in to prevent them.”

These are — and should be — the views of any honest and reasonable man. Unfortunately, antitobacco is not reasonable. It cannot be.

Grier points out that “tolerance for tobacco smoke continues to wane.” We point out that intolerance for antitobacco fascism must grow, and indeed is growing fast all over the world, although the servile mass-media assiduously suppress the information.

Antitobacco madness has produced a needless but deep division in society. Reason, freedom, and human dignity have all been grossly insulted. Indignation is rising into anger. A day will come when the clash will become physical — and the paranoid prohibitionist bastards will lose. It has happened before. It will happen again.



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