Authorities in the US State of Missouri are on the watch for frightening freedom lovers. Many of our readers would call themselves libertarians. Libertarians stand up for domestic policies directed toward tolerance amidst maximal personal freedom and minimal government encroachment. They similarly support friendly, mutually respectful, and unobtrusive relations between nations, and never support war, except in extremis. Libertarians believe in the philosophy of “live and let live.”

Would you call yourself a libertarian? Then you scare the Hell out of law enforcement officials in Missouri. Let your peaceful sentiments be known, for instance with a bumper sticker supporting a third party candidate, and you might be in for trouble. Police in that state have been told to suspect you of complicity in terrorist plots.

This is one more sign of our sick times. It doesn’t surprise much. Our culture now exalts denigration of the individual. It demands conformity under all-pervasive regulation. It despises free thought or action. As in every such culture of the past, those who wish for themselves and others a free and peaceful coexistence, become the despised, the ridiculed, and the feared. We are living amidst a resurgence of fascistic ideology. Once again, evil seeks to reign, by oppressing the good.

We provide several links which tell of the circumstances in Missouri. The Prison Planet site (link) (stored) has described the alarmed document (link) circulating amongst Missouri officialdom. Rush Limbaugh (media link) has commented on the situation. Prison Planet more lately reports that appalled libertarians, including Ron Paul, are considering a law suit (link) (stored). This is a sickening incident. These are indeed sick times.



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