Only a utopian idealist who is completely bereft of reason could believe in the fairyland of a "smoke-free world." Perhaps the greatest myth of health fascism is that increased taxation and illegality will make people blindly submit to coercion and adjust their behavior according to the Orwellian desires of public health.

In reality, public health forces the condemned behavior into the shadows and creates a black market where the profits go to those who have much darker motives. Billions are spent to enforce unnecessary laws resulting in unnecessary violence and imprisonment for the newly labelled "law-breakers."

This road is paved with ever-increasing costs and bureaucracy for everyone, more and more laws, for more and more "lawbreakers." That means you: beware, lawbreaker-to-be, for public health knows no bounds.

The fine folks at Ban the Ban Wisconsin have been keeping their eye on the latest by-product of public health and anti-tobacco’s zeal: terrorism. The high taxation of cigarettes has fueled a growing interstate and international black market that is lining the pockets of terrorist organizations with millions.

What rational person would rather let a terrorist organization profit, when the alternative is simply to leave tobacco users (and all of us) alone?

Anti-tobacco doesn’t care, and it keeps its machine of deception chugging along in the hope that you will believe that such matters are of no consequence.

Don’t let them. Help us to expose their lies.



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