was an inspiring success, and a beginning of the liberation from the slavery of "public health".

Godfrey Bloom, MEP

Gian Turci

Dr. Jan Snel

Dr. Barry Craven

Dr. Gio Gori

Prof. Dr. Rein Vos

Christopher Snowdon

Nick Hogan

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TICAP Triumph
Video by Phil Williams

As everyone returned home from the recent Conference on Prohibition in Brussels, a sense of unity and accomplishment remained with all those who participated.

The emotion was sweeter for the knowledge that, for the first time ever, anti-smoking pharmaceutical front groups failed to suppress free speech and information.

As previously reported by FORCES, the health Nazis activated the Smokefree partnership in an attempt to suffocate political free speech and the denunciation of their political corruption and scientific frauds, and prevented the conference from being held in the European Parliament building as originally scheduled.

As the pharmaceutical industry operatives and their minions prematurely gloated at their "success" (stored copy), a fast response was implemented through a cooperation of TICAP and the UKIP/IND-DEM group, and the conference was quickly rescheduled in a major Brussels hotel under the name of “Thinking is Forbidden”. What’s extremely, shall we say, "peculiar" is the fact that the IND-DEM group was not notified of the cancellation, in a severe breach of protocol. Nevertheless, the fast reaction of the TICAP/IND-DEM tandem prevented the suffocation that enemies of free speech had hoped for, whereby people coming from all across the globe would have found closed doors, instead of a conference. Well-deserved recognition for the successful re-organization of the conference goes to Ms. Laure Ferrari and Mr. Gawain Towler.

Dr. John Luik

Prof. Molimard

Gawain Towler

Nigel Farage



I prepared a wonderful speech…
Gian Turci

Economic Effects of Smoking Bans on Restaurants and Pubs
Dr. Barry Craven

The Fraud of Environmental Tobacco Smoke Risks
Dr. Gio Gori

The Anti-Smoking Movement
Christopher Snowdon

Smoking bans and mental health
Dr. Jan Snel

Taking on Nanny: Some Reflections on Thwarting Prohibitionism (abstract only)
Dr. John Luik

The message of Prof. Molimard
Read by Iro Cyr (CAGE Canada)

The health protection and prohibition paradigm and its devastating effects on creativity and social life in western, democratic societies
Prof. Rein Vos
Read by John Grey, TICAP Chair

The dirty manoeuvre of suppressing the conference in the EU parliament building has actually aided our movement considerably by helping people recognize how major institutions like the EU parliamentary system have been ensnared as servants of the pharmaceutical industry — to the point of suppressing political speech. Indignation against Tobacco Control and against political public health in general was palpable at the conference. The huge political danger represented by institutions which function as fronts of the pharmaceutical multinationals has created a lot of solidarity for those who work hard to dismantle public health frauds — even amongst some people previously in favour of smoking bans.

An eclectic mix of speakers addressed over 100 people from 10 different nations over two days, including journalists and Members of the European Parliament. At the same time, a TICAP Live Blog was being updated each hour (stored copy), as the conference went on, to keep all the activists around the world well informed on the latest speeches and events. Many ideas were shared on structure and organization, on concerted actions and future methods to adopt in the effort to stamp out Tobacco Control in particular, and on Prohibitionist policies in general, both in terms of their effects on the lives of citizens, and as viewed with specific regard to the political process.

Dr. Jan Snel described the psychological benefits of smoking, helping smokers to free themselves from the endemic sense of guilt inculcated by false public health propaganda. Gian Turci addressed the essential needs to stop attempts at dialogue with the enemy, and to understand that the fight against totalitarian public health is a war — against an ideological enemy which has penetrated the state. It is therefore imperative, he said, to take transnational, coordinated actions to destabilize pharmaceutical industry Tobacco Control front groups at the roots, in order to restore institutional integrity, unbiased public health information, and human dignity.

A detailed exposé of the passive smoking fraud was superbly delivered by Dr. Gio Gori, who was connected to the conference through transatlantic link. He demonstrated how the “science” behind the dangers of passive smoking has been nothing but a blatant epidemiologic fraud perpetrated on the public, the media, and politicians (click here to watch the video).

Gawain Towler and MEP Godfrey Bloom (IND-DEM) described "what happened" with the suppression of the TICAP conference at the European Parliament building and, after expressing the indignation that was shared by all who were present, pointed to the need for corrective actions.

Nick Hogan, the courageous pub owner who fought the British smoking ban, described his personal experience as a businessman who saw a lifetime of work vanish because of the smoking ban, and his subsequent punishment by a British court for having publicly spoken against the fraud-based law. Such repression of political speech clearly belongs more to the German Reich than to the British tradition of democratic liberalism, but obviously public health trash ideology has become far more important than business and freedom of expression!

Dr. Barry Craven demonstrated the devastating economic effects of smoking bans, while Dr. John Luik delivered a formidable speech on some of the foundations and techniques needed to thwart the pandemics of prohibition and institutional corruption. Historian Christopher Snowdon explained the history of Tobacco Control, including its Nazi roots. Prof. Dott. Rein Vos from Maastricht University, who was subject to political pressures from Tobacco Control for speaking at the conference, was unable to attend for health reasons. However, the abstract of his piece "The health protection and prohibition paradigm and its devastating effects on creativity and social life in western, democratic societies" was read at the conference.

Another conference highlight was the reading of a statement by pioneering tobacco researcher Prof. Robert Molimard from France, whose work has been largely in aid of combating tobacco use, yet stated his strong opposition to today’s prohibitionist public health politics and its mendacious claims about passive smoking.

To read examples and compilations of media reactions to the conference

To access the new section of our Multimedia portal "Forbidden Conference", where all the videos of the conference will be stored as they come in

"As a member of the French Human Rights League, I am deeply affected by the troubling rising tide of hindrances to freedom," he wrote. "Little by little the walls are closing in. A kind of slow ripening, that is going to expose rnany even dernocratic countries to the danger of being taken over by some dictator, henchman of anonyrnous heartless rnultinational trusts, with alI the tragic consequences that we know. There are no ‘small freedorns.’ We have to fight fiercely to stand up for every one of them. If this spirit gathers the members of this Conference, they will find here my hearty and open support."

Finally, the leader of IND-DEM, Nigel Farage, highlighted the need to fight prohibition primarily at the political level. The political message is clear. Tobacco Control is part of a larger manoeuvre of social engineering systematically dismantling liberty and democracy as we know it, and replacing it with a fascistic system of oligarchic power-sharing by special interests. The European Union in particular is becoming a centre of political power representing a mockery of democracy and an actual bureaucratic dictatorship.

The conference closed with a live performance by the singer-composer Eammon Mallon of "Jackboot", a beautiful and powerful protest song — expressing disdain against the shameful and immoral way antitobacco ideologists treat old people, and all those who have risked their lives to give us those liberties that are now spat on in the name of "public health". Click here to listen to the acoustic version of the song, which is also the official song of FORCES International. Click here to buy Jackboot in "electric" version – and remember: this song too is “forbidden” by the mass-media lackeys of “public health”, because it is contrary to the ideology of the health Nazis!

FORCES and the TICAP coalition convey our most sincere appreciation to the IND-DEM/UKIP group for their able and crucial assistance in making the conference a success.

IND-DEM/UKIP has had the clarity, the courage, the coherence, and the integrity to stand for liberty, scientific truth, and self-determination. It displays a rare ability to look at reality without complying with the narrow political correctness that has become the synonym of oppression, information control and high-pressure conformity.

FORCES International and its European multilingual chapters will continue to keep readers updated on the Conference documentation as soon as new materials become available after processing.


MOVES TO STUB OUT FREE SPEECH THWARTED – The first ever international anti-prohibition conference has been hailed a huge success despite undemocratic moves to stop it. Smokers and non-smokers against moves to lifestyle control led the way in telling politicians that they have had enough of state interference.

Delegates from 13 nations across the world stood united in Brussels as they called for an end to state control of their bodies.
The conference was to be held in the European Parliament, but following complaints by an antismoking group that is part of a coalition with ties to the pharmaceutical industry, the plug was pulled leaving the organisers having to find a new venue just days before delegates were due to arrive.

TICAP chair John Gray said there were scurrilous allegations that the conference was supported or funded by Big Tobacco companies when in fact it was supported by the British political party the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP).

“A meeting was held behind closed doors in the EU and a decision made, without debate, that the conference would go against the dignity of Parliament,” he said. “It was cancelled but no-one told the organisers who were left to find out for themselves.”

Furious patron Godfrey Bloom (UKIP Member of the European Parliament) said the party would be registering a complaint. Ironically, Mr Bloom invited delegates to smoke in his EU office during a later tour of the EU building. It appears that smoking is permitted in the heart of European democracy, but talking about it is not.

The conference featured expert speakers who put the anti-smoking health propaganda in its true risk context.

Dr Gio Gori, former director of the US National Cancer Institute Smoking and Health program, explained how the “evidence” on passive smoking had been manipulated to implement smoking prohibition.

Dr Jan Snell, from the University of Amsterdam, told of how smoking bans can damage mental health and lead to isolation, depression and suicide. Economist Barrie Craven from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne said the ban was killing the British cultural way of life along with six pubs a day.

“It particularly discriminates against the working classes because their traditional meeting places, such as working men’s clubs and bingo halls, are closing at a faster rate than other hospitality establishments, “ he said.

The conference discussed the latest trend in social engineering, the dangers of giving control of your body to Government “for your own good”, and how smokers have been excluded and targeted as figures of hate over the last 30years.

Author Christopher Snowdon revealed that anti-smoking charities, such as the WHO, ASH, the BHF, and Cancer Research UK, are heavily funded by Pharmaceutical companies and Government which are competing with Big Tobacco for nicotine market control.
The conference also highlighted how fat people and alcohol drinkers could become the next targets of social exclusion if the puritanical march towards lifestyle prohibition based on ‘good health’ is not halted.

More conferences are planned following the resounding success of the first, which has sent a clear and strong message to those in power that the people they represent have had enough and want to live their lives as they see fit.



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