Our faithful readers may remember that four years ago FORCES International offered a layperson-accessible work by the title The ABCs of ETS. We are now glad to offer this small masterpiece of junk science debunking for free. The ABCs of ETS offers a comprehensive analysis and debunking of the passive smoke (Evironmental Tobacco Smoke — ETS) fraud, a scientific distortion which has been used to create one of the most egregious public health scares of our times. For years now, junk science and propaganda have been steadily produced to pressure governments everywhere to crack down on smokers and create social intolerance.

The need for better public understanding of the sleight-of-hand that has turned a body of “so what?” studies into “a mountain of evidence” that passive smoke is hazardous has never been greater, especially now that we are facing the unification of this epidemiological fraud at a planetary level thanks to the arm-twisting Tobacco Framework Convention, masterminded by the pharmaceutical crooks of the World Health Organization.

For over a decade now FORCES International has been following the story. It’s a story of how other people’s cigarette smoke, once considered just a mere annoyance for some, has been irresponsibly hyped by activists and the media into a full-fledged pollution threat. This book is a response to readers’ requests for more information and better explanations, and includes a whole section of frequently asked questions about ETS and the politics that surround it, addressing many common misunderstandings.

Here you will find lists and analyses of all the most pertinent epidemiological studies published up to 2006 on passive smoking, and a primer to teach the non-specialist reader how to interpret the information for himself. Clearly and simply, The ABCs of ETS explains the epidemiological mechanisms used in such studies, and how the results are routinely abused and misrepresented by the public health’s propaganda machine. An impressive bibliography of scientific references is provided for those interested in further research on this matter.

The ABCs of ETS highlights one notorious chapter of the deep crisis of public health policy-making in western countries — a cancer that is now spreading all over the world, creating a deception-based culture that afflicts every aspect of our lives, whether we smoke or not. Without solid scientific arguments on smoking, well-paid activists and public health entities have turned to epidemiological trash science and false representation of evidence to implement a dual political agenda of cultural change and pharmaceutical promotion.

The antismoking junk science has paved the way — and established the structure — for the adoption of systematic misrepresentation of evidence and methodological trash for a large variety of issues, from car accidents to alcohol, food, and even coffee. As the credibility of "public health" decreases, its political power expands unbounded, bypassing science and democratic structures to impose "healthy" personal lifestyles with an iron fist — whether its victims believe its lies or not.

The ABCs of ETS has been written with the participation of epidemiologists and others from the FORCES International Scientific Committee. We invite readers and activists to download, read, duplicate and distribute this important work with the confidence reserved to something that is professionally produced. Send to politicians, scholars, students and the young and the old alike.

A fundamental moral and ideological corruption of public health institutions and politicians is now set, and it must be stopped with all and every means available — whatever may be needed and no matter the cost. Activism must take many forms. Education is one of them. It is hard to think of many more effective and peaceful means than education to destroy at the foundations the criminal machine that most contemporary “public health” institutions have become.

Smokers’ persecution and smoking bans are based on the ignorance of citizens about the scientific misrepresentation, presented as hard science by corrupt institutions and individuals all over the planet. Do your share and disseminate this document. It’s the least you can do to defend the little freedom that you have left. Don’t let that diminished foundation crumble, and help us further to restore it, and to rebuild upon it the dignified structures of freedom we all deserve.




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