This interesting piece from Florida addresses an essential tragedy of anti-smoking social engineering: social disintegration.

Anti delights in driving a wedge between smokers and non-smokers, in making enemies out of friends. She will never stop delighting in this. She can’t stop. She keeps moving on. The same wedge will be driven between joggers and lazers, between fat and thin, and drinkers and non-drinkers.

Anti loves creating bully groups to oppress the "other." She does it now with the blessings of states in the codification of their laws. She creates, here and there, now and then, over and over, an “us” who make law and a "them" who must be enslaved by law. "They" are intolerable garbage. "We" have the right and the duty to humiliate and oppress.

The result is a divided and ultimately disintegrating society. This now is in the name of “health.” It’s the sickest thing a government can do.

Dividi et impera: the Romans knew that in times immemorial. When people are busy fighting each other, they will not have time to fight or even recognize their true enemy and oppressor, being wrapt in clubbing their neighbors.

Rome divided and conquered itself in time. Some of us thought the lesson had been learned, we believed societies may have grown too wise for such awful foolishness, but we were too hopeful.

Anti is not just anti-smoking. She is a trick societies fall prey to or play on themselves. Anti is anti-social, a bully, a liar and a fraud, and today, she is an institution. Such is the cultural tragedy we face. It is of a sort as old as time, but times can change, and we must change them now.



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