This piece of the begins with the link to ‘Map of hospital admissions due to smoking’

Indeed, that map cannot exist, as it indicates the OPINION of a corrupt institution – the National Health System – on what it believes caused the admissions. In reality, it could have been anything else. But the idea, once again, is to depict smoking as an epidemic, and to project the emotional concept that, if it wasn’t for smoking, those hospital admissions would not take place. These maps and studies are a fraud no different than what Michael Siegel exposed about Piedmont, Italy. The industry of fraud (“public health”) stated that the hospital admissions went down two months after the ban, when in reality the admissions increased, as it turned out that the con artists manipulated the statistical figures to make them square with their political agenda.

After all the babble on the indemonstrable “causalities” and their distribution, here comes the “warning” from ASH: “These figures should send a warning to smokers. It’s harder to give up spending more time with smokers”. Thank you for the “warning”, ASH – we will make sure to boycott non smoking places as much as possible, and to happily smoke together. In the meantime, here is our warning to you and to the corrupted health “authorities”: there will be payment for the frauds – you will not get away with conning the public.
Finally, the challenge of Freedom To Choose is dismissed as that of a “fringe group” that does not stand a "cat in hell’s chance". Maybe. But what really does not stand a cat in hell’s chance, in the long run, are the frauds and the hatred that ASH and “public health” disseminate on smoking and smokers. Whatever it takes, institutions will be honest again.

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