The combination of faith in a false god and a vested interest in dishonesty C.A.G.E. addresses in this piece.

Once again, it is about the umpteenth “wonder drug”. Once again, the findings are overstated. But – especially – once again junk science epidemiology is at work, along with the intellectually retarded belief, totally embraced by public health institutions, that “small effects lead to big benefits”, completely dismissing fundamental concepts such as thresholds. That is what leads to the linear statement that “if a kilo of substance X kills you, a gram of the same substance kills you 1,000 times less, but it still kills you”. By the same token, the linear minds of “public health” believe that a small benefit in 100 individuals can become a huge benefit when multiplied by the population.

“[The JUPITER investigators and AstraZeneca] take refuge in several of the tenets of contemporary small-effect epidemiology. They believe that these small effects are real. Furthermore, they believe that the small effects recognized in the first two years are likely to prove cumulative and therefore grow as the years pass. It’s this belief that triggered the halting of the trial. And finally they believe that the small likelihood of a good effect for an individual translates into a major public health benefit; benefiting one in a hundred means benefiting 1,000 in every million,” writes Dr. Nortin Hadler, professor of medicine and microbiology/immunology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Most of the times that assumption is wrong – dead wrong. Reality is not as simple as grade two multiplication. But the appalling part of this mentality is that, when reality does not square with the ideology, reality is bent to make it square with the ideology. The issue of the on-going fraud of the heart attack decline everywhere there has been a smoking ban – a completely false representation of what is actually happening – is steadily advertised by dishonest governments and public health authorities all over the world to make the people believe that passive smoking hurts health, thus freeing the behavior engineers to instigate hatred against smoking and fear in non smokers.

Is it stupidity, corruption, ideology or science? Here is a hint: science has nothing to do with it.

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