This piece by Gian Turci published on the Pro-Choice Smoking Doctor addresses the fundamental problem of our society today: institutional corruption.

In the same site, for example, we also see the fraudulent Scottish Ban study, which is a blatant example of that institutional corruption. Not only can passive smoking not cause cardiovascular disease, therefore making liars of the doctors and the Scottish government, but the study shows that the improvement showing health benefits due to smoking bans is a statistical fabrication which is denounced by other doctors. The fabrication, produced by the same Scottish crooks who created the ban in the first place, is deliberately advertised for political ends as “scientific” proof that removing passive smoking is “good” for health, and also used to “inspire” the rest of Europe to forbid smoking and to embrace a behaviour of institutional deception and prohibition. It goes without saying that the opposition to the ban and the critiques on the fraud are not even reported by the mass-media, who are accomplices in the social fraud.

That is the behaviour of people who belong in jail – and when we see that such behaviour is practiced by governments that institute bans, statisticians who produce junk studies as well as those who advertise those studies to further prohibition and the misleading belief that passive smoking is harmful to health, we can easlly realize the alarming gravity of the problem.

As Gian Turci points out, those people are institutions – all the way up to and including medical associations. To solve the problem, Turci declares that the first indispensable step is to understand and accept that the institutional problem exists, and that it is therefore legitimate, moral and dutiful to use whatever force is needed to eliminate it by first taking away the political power and then go on with punishment when needed to restore not only smoking, but also, and especially, institutional integrity and freedom to our societies. No doubt our children will be grateful.

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