"Earlier this month it was revealed that the government is using anti-terror legislation to instigate 1,000 covert surveillance operations a month. Not to keep tabs on crazed preachers or fundamentalist groups, mind: These government agents are spying on underage smokers, fly tippers [litterers], those who allow their dogs to foul parks and homeowners who improve their houses without planning approval."
The Nanny state runs rampant in Great Britain. British pubs are devastated by the smoking ban. Social agencies are tearing families apart in pursuit of "anti-obesity" social engineering. No freedom, great or small, is to be tolerated. The government has placed its citizens under a microscope of surveillance. It is abusing supposed "anti-terrorist" legislation to eradicate all privacy.

Eursoc Online reports: "As much as everything else, the rise of Britain’s surveillance state has made a nonsense of the fight against terror. Who would be willing to grant further powers to the state to combat terrorism, in the knowledge that those same powers could be used against them in future? … Why are the supposedly ‘liberal’ newspapers like the Guardian and the Independent not covering this? Where is the BBC coverage of a sinister twist in home affairs which, had it been introduced under a Conservative government, would have been depicted as worse than life in Orwell’s 1984?"

Support for a life worse than Orwell imagined has become the agenda of the "supposedly liberal" media. Combatting terrorism now includes combatting our own governments: these have become the clearest and most closely present dangers of all to our way of life. Antitobacco is simply the most prominent manifestation of technocratic tyranny which seeks to make life a Hell on Earth for anyone with personal dignity and a mind of his own. Truly revolutionary change is required. It won’t come easily. Join the fight.



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