Not your personal rights, not your citizenship rights, “human rights” are what the United Nations says they are, for and to the international collective. The Inquisitors of the UN plan, as all tyrants plan, to indoctrinate youth in the classroom. As Global Governance Watch points out: “In so doing, UN officials are building unreasonable, and potentially dangerous, expectations in younger generations regarding the role of government in guaranteeing economic equality and so-called ‘social transformations.’ ”

Kids have been taught in school for decades to hate their relatives who smoke. The UN and its World Health Organization wield a heavy hand in that. Lots of other hateful transformations lie in store. The scourge of “political correctness” is on a roll. Resist. Defy. You are not a unit of the collective. You are an individual to whom government is beholden, not the other way around, unless you let that happen.



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