The moral inversion of forbidding to all what could bother some continues relentlessly to expand. This time it has to do with peanuts fumes!
Yes, the Daily Telegraph of Australia reports this latest manifestation of turning logic upside down with the help of rampant paranoia. Get a load of this (emphases added):

“The Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission building in Sydney’s CBD has outlawed all peanut products from the building for fear an employee could go into shock and die from the fumes. Taking the nanny state mentality to the extreme, the commission has begun erecting signs in hallways, kitchens and conference rooms declaring them a ‘Peanut Free Zone’. The ban, which came into effect this week, is believed to have followed a situation where a staff member became concerned after free peanut butter samples were handed out on Town Hall train station. An email to staff said: ‘You may have noticed the new peanut free zone posters we’ve just placed around the floor just to help us remember not to bring any peanut products to work.’ As well as the peanut butter sandwiches, the ban prevents staff from eating chicken satay, Pad Thai, Snickers bars, Crunchy Nut Cornflakes and anything else containing peanuts at work“.

Astonishing, but you have not read the part that is really depressing, and that explains why these criminal health fascists are always successful and never punished for their abuses: "Staff said they were ‘bemused’ by the new rule but were prepared to obey it to save a colleague’s life." Be bemused, idiots — see if they care about respect, and your opinion. In the meantime they tell you once again what to do even with your lunch. You know it’s ridiculous. So you laugh, but shrug, and resignedly presume that high-placed lunacy must deserve respect. Then you give the lunatics in charge the only thing they care about, and what will make them come back for more: obedience.

Obedience is precisely what must be denied!

Do not for a moment respect lunacy! One person may be allergic to peanuts? Oh well, that person is certainly stupid enough to eat peanuts even if he dies — It happens every day! Furthermore, the person is ignorant enough about himself not to know that he is allergic to peanuts. Finally that person is allergic enough that the mere smell of peanuts — assumedly at several meters’ distance — is sufficient to make the fellow, despite a carefree lifetime in total ignorance of his extreme vulnerability, all of a sudden “go into shock and die from the fumes.”

Question: how sick will it get? Answer: sick to the death of all sanity. Question: how far will they go? Answer: “where no man has gone before” — Captain Kirk never dreamed of getting so far out.

There is an inescapable conclusion to this. As the “principle” is that what MAY harm (or just bother) the few (or the one) is to be forbidden to all, it is clear that everything will be forbidden to all because there is always the one who may be harmed or bothered by something. It follows that perfectly normal people who are not mental or physical weak links will be “helped” not to enjoy what the weak links can’t stand. Social justice and equality will be achieved when the behaviour of all is adapted to the single minimum intellectual and physical denominator — in short: the dumb, the paranoid, and the weak set the standard.

It seems all perfectly fair and logical — in a pig’s eye! All this in the name of “health," of course, so what can you do about that? Nothing, you may think, as in a society of intellectually retarded whiners, the squeaky wheel gets the grease instead of a kick in the ass, and the problem of the one becomes the problem of all. The perfection of the Communist dream coming true? Not really. History and logic indicate that, by following such ideological perversion, all end up having the problem and none the solution.

In the meantime light a cigarette, pour a beer, laugh at the lunatics, but don’t stop there, don’t give in, wake up, and get very angry. Never again give in to any of this. You can do something. You can be very effective. Disobey: all of it all of the time. Join in organized resistance to destroy crazed Healthist ideology.



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