UK blogger Frank Davis’ "CATCH" debate, that is. Or, it at least appears to be over for the moment. The topic of the debate: "Does tobacco smoking cause lung cancer?"
Over the past few weeks, UK blogger Frank Davis has been hosting a debate on his blog regarding what mainstream, establishment science considers to be a settled question: namely, "Does tobacco smoking cause lung cancer?"

The "CATCH" debate amounted to 17 contributions in total including commentary from host Frank Davis, "Velvet Glove, Iron Fist" author Christopher Snowdon, "Smoke Screens: The Truth about Tobacco" author Rich White, and Dave Atherton of Freedom2Choose. In addition, the "CATCH" debate garnered nearly 800 comments from readers, which served to further the matters discussed in the debate.

In the end, it seems that none of the participants doubt that there is a strong statistical link between lung cancer incidence and tobacco smoking. However, many doubt that such a link establishes causality. In any case, between the participants and those commenting, the "CATCH" debate provides a great deal of links, perspectives, and history regarding both tobacco use, and those who have sought to eliminate the practice.

FORCES is grateful to Frank Davis for hosting this debate, and the efforts of all of the participants. The "CATCH" debate provides recommended reading for all, and a wonderful resource for FORCES devotees.



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