The paranoia on health stems from the disinformation on health – and from the need to feel “under siege” and “secure” at the same time.

Ours is not the first era in which mass-hysteria has occurred, of course. It is enough to recall A-bomb shelters built in the ’50s. Had an A-bomb actually been dropped, these would not have protected anyone, and even if they did, who would have wanted to survive (and for how long?) on a radioactive planet where all forms of life were eliminated? Nevertheless, the feeling of being “under siege” and the illusion of “protection” led to the construction of thousands of useless shelters in spite of the glaring evidence that they were … useless. Today we are fond of finding that we are under siege by new diseases and syndromes all the time. This health paranoia can be defined as Foetal Recession Syndrome – the desire to feel protected from the besieging hazards of the moment by some kind of a womb, especially that of the state. The syndrome likely stems from a sub-conscious awareness of being intellectually inadequate to wage the journey through life, and it is constantly fuelled nowadays by false information and alarms on health and environment.

Today, in fact, the A-bomb hysteria has been replaced with the health hysteria, but the collective mental affliction is just the same. To have an idea of how deep the syndrome has sunk (and how randomly it has struck) in our culture, it is useful to glance at the Boulder Green Building Journal (link bottom this page.) Amongst the endless “back to nature” building materials (made possible by processes and machines built with the very same “deadly chemicals” that are carefully avoided in the construction of these idyllic houses!), on page 6 of the document, amongst the many theoretical minimizations of energy consumption and “green house effect”, we see a propane heater which should be a no-no for the green religion, as propane combustion is a great producer of CO2, the latest “pollutant” created by the sick minds of the “health-minded” environmentalists.

But that is not even the point. Ernie, the “hero” of the article, is a hermit who felt compelled to put up the sign outside his house that you see in the image at left. Perhaps Ernie wants to make sure that people stay away so he can protect his solitude. With a sign like that – which sums up the biggest "air borne" paranoias in vogue today – he can rest assured that he will be successful. Be that as it may, it is the utterly wrong concept that insecticides, pesticides, smoking, perfumes, etc. are bad for health that should be highlighted.

Those substances are NOT bad for health. At worst, they do NOTHING to health, and stuff like pesticides and insecticides have helped – and are helping – health immensely, by feeding people, keeping pests away, improving socialization, increasing wealth, and so on. The intellectually retarded healthist/environmentalists want to do away with all that. In their unhealthy minds, a "healthy" world is a physically and emotionally sterile environment with no fun and no substance whatsoever that may improve real progress and quality of life. Such retrograde, back-to-the-Middle-Ages individuals are what nihilism is all about, and a typical residual of the hippie culture. It is the dose that makes the poison, and zero exposure is NOT health, as it creates only weak links – like the “health-minded” people, for example. The natural reality is that the less exposure you get, the weaker (thus sicker) you become.



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