We link to this page of The Smokers’ Club where the latest piece of local propaganda

(“Denmark has one of the world’s highest cancer mortality rates primarily due to its relatively high number of smokers”) is exposed once again by FORCES contributor Søren Højbjerg.
The propaganda masters now want to drill us with the concept that smoking is linked with lung cancer in a rigid and direct proportion (more smokers = more lung cancer; fewer smokers = less lung cancer) to boost the belief in a causality that still cannot be scientifically demonstrated. That is, of course, misleading: Japan, for example, has the highest number of smokers but the lowest number of lung cancers. The promoters of the antismoking faith have gone out of their way to explain the “paradox” – citing factors ranging from genetics to diet to green tea! But the explanation is much simpler: all it takes is to admit the truth of the matter. That is, admit that the relationship between smoking and cancer is not as strong as they want us to believe.



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