Suddenly the junk scientists who always have all the answers say there is one little item about which they find it impossible to render an opinion. Why are we not surprised? Read this: “The Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR) in its opinion on smokeless tobacco products addressed their health effects and addiction potential.”
Furthermore: “The Committee also stated that on the available evidence it is not possible to draw conclusions as to the relative effectiveness of smokeless tobacco as an aid to smoking cessation in comparison with established therapies.”

The “established ‘therapies’” for the disease that does not exist are the killer non-nicotine based antidepressants and the nicotine produced by Big Pharma. As we all know the pharmaceutical nicotine, by magic of corruption, not only is not addictive, but it helps to remove the "addiction"!

Clearly the Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR) — very interesting name for quacks, don’t you think?… "Emerging and newly identified health risks"! — of the Health and Consumer Protection Directorate-General of the European Commission knows who calls the shots, and provides effective barriers against any product that may compete with those of its Masters even in the slightest.

The offensive part is that they say they protect consumers, but then, what is to be expected when people who deserve jail sit on the chairs of power?

Happy smoking — and a suggestion for the smokeless tobacco manufacturers: instead of just trying to market their product by catering to the epidemiological frauds of "public health" against cigarettes (that tactic obviously does not work), they should try to make a deal with some pharmaceutical multinational. Give them the production rights and be happy with a percentage.

The Big Boys will pay off the crooks of "public health," say that it’s indeed a smoking cessation aid only, and happily get in on the action. In a snap, epidemiological junk science studies will be cranked out with the appropriate software by some "reputable" universities, and SCENIHR will discover some new "evidence" and recommend the "therapy." All will be well with the world.

Furthermore, there are more drug stores than tobacconists, and a much better distribution system will become available. Smarten up, boys: when in Palermo, do like the mafioso do — and pay the protection fee! The one flaw in this would be that Antitobacco cannot endorse anything called tobacco, but throw in an occasional bay leaf, call the stuff smokeless antitobacco, and you’re in! Call your ads "education" and they’ll make TV stations run them free of charge! Learn, fellas, just stop being honest businessmen, and learn to think like a crook!



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