In response to movement toward alcohol prohibition in Great Britain the late Gian Turci contributed his essay "The Drunken Crocodile" to our sister site Freedom to Choose last September. We now add this wise piece to Gian’s collection of articles here at FORCES.
If you did not see Gian’s essay at Freedom to Choose you are in for a treat via the link at bottom this page. As always, Gian is commonsensically politically incorrect, and straight on the mark. Browse his Columnist Corner at this site. All of his essays, dating back thirteen years, are worthy of reading again and again.

Gian himself wrote this introduction to "The Drunken Crocodile" last September:

Championed by Tobacco Control, public health is on the move to use the same techniques of hatred, social division, institutional fraud and propaganda it uses for smoking to control and engineer our personal choices such as drinking and eating. There is more than invective and rhetoric when public health is called Fascist, Gian explains. It is clear that there is Fascist political ideology at work here, based on forced “pacts” between industries and state – where the state sets the products to be produced, the priorities of the production, and the way those products must be marketed.

The horrid part is that industries go along with it, the public approves by non-reaction, and fundamentally Fascist mass-media promote the package, regardless of their proclaimed political colours.

“Tyranny rests on information control” says Mr. Turci, “and the last venue of tyranny today is public health. Healthism has mounted an epic power grab. It must control the industries to control the people.”

People must face the reality that Fascism has lost the military war, but it has won the ideological one in the long run. Governments, institutions and citizens who believe that the state must “protect” from scarecrows in exchange for liberty are Fascists. Industries that bend over to political pacts where the state tells them how to produce goods and how to promote them are Fascists.

In fact, in an ever growing number of areas, Fascism is the system already. Make no mistake: Fascism is not just a matter of beating up people and forcing them to drink castor oil. Those are consequences of Fascism. Fascism is, in a nutshell, exactly what is happening today: industrial power not actually owned by the state, but directed by the state as a condition for its existence (read more here). It is media applauding, supporting and promoting those measures. It is crowds acclaiming the “protection” and raising their right hands (physically or figuratively) to the ideology that brings that about. Whether that is channelled through the Communist scare, the need for “vital space,” or public health institutions is irrelevant.

Just read the news about health or environmentlaism, and pay attention to the slant of the media. Listen to the paternalism. Look at the pressures and regulations on industries by health authorities. In the case of smoking, look at the most Fascist move of all: the Food and Drug Administration, a fiercely antitobacco, fanatically prohibitionist agency, hopes to regulate the production, the quality, the advertisement of the tobacco industry. Mussolini cound not have done any better. Finally, look at the obedience factor. Fascism is no longer a threat to our society; it has become the ideology of much of our society, and it is spreading fast.

Accepting that state of affairs makes you a Fascist. Are you? Ask yourself the next time you light up, drive your car, or have that drink.



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