Anti telegraphs her message from coast to coast and across the wide flat Earth. If the planet was round we’d all roll off.

There is no question that the Earth is flat because you can walk across land flat as a table for hundreds of miles. Once again: the Earth is flat: everyone can see that.

In this copycat piece by Alabaman John Ehinger of the Huntsville Times ("copycat" because it is virtually identical to another piece we have recently read from California: flat-Earthers like to crib: it saves on the brainwork they find such a struggle), the philosophy is: look, fear, never think.

Just look, and it makes perfect sense to forbid smoking in cars when children are present, because you can see smoke: since "we all know" any trace of smoke, any atom of ETS is absolutely intolerably bad, bad, bad, well then it’s time to send people to jail, isn’t it?

Of course what "we all know" has never been scientifically demonstrated but Ehinger is a believer so no thinking need occur in his copied-and-pasted article. Smokers are killers. Lock ‘em up. That’s that.

Ehinger notes incidentally that smokers "usually" keep all their car windows shut when smoking. Have you ever done that? Do you know anybody who does that? We don’t. Perhaps Ehinger smokes in his car with the windows closed. Perhaps he showers with his clothes on too. He’s dopey enough.

To himself however Ehinger is a wise man. The wise observer protects "health and children" by embracing and applauding the methods and policies of eugenics and fascism. To the propagandistically enlightened it’s "common sense" that smokers are criminals.

Lest you suspect otherwise, "This is not some vindictive assault on smokers," Ehringer assures. Filthy murderers must accept their punishment. What’s vindictive about that?

Ehringer tells us his thinking derives from the font of knowledge, from kindly and communal California, so it can’t be mean-spirited, it’s Californian common sense, the very Truth revealed, that’s what it is!

Californians have spoken! Abandon thought! Embrace the Word! All can see that the Earth is flat, all can see that smoking kills, always everywhere and everybody. In fact:

· If you can see it, it can kill you.

· If you can smell it, it can kill you.

· If you can hear it, it can kill you

· If you can read it, it can kill you.

· If you can taste it, it can kill you.

· If you can touch it, it can kill you.

· If you can think of it, it can kill you: if it’s advertised we all die!

Open your eyes, fix them in a glassy stare, toward California. Nothing need obscure your view. The Earth is flat and smoking kills. It kills, kills, kills! Get that? That’s that.

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