The profits of Philip Morris International are up 20.6% in the third quarter of the year, despite the economic hardship, antismoking propaganda and smoking bans.

That should tell us something about the effectiveness of antismoking propaganda, shouldn’t it?

The intelligence and effectiveness of Tobacco Control is truly astounding. As Clearing the Air points out (stored copy), the other stunning success (in a pig’s eye!) of Tobacco Control is that of increasing revenue for the hospitality industry “thanks” to the smoking bans, as hordes of those poor nonsmokers who were forced – for centuries! – to be locked in their homes in order not to be exposed to mustard gas (A.K.A. passive smoking) would have overfilled bars, restaurants and hotels. Those hordes are as virtual as the hundreds of thousands of "dead" "attributed" to smoking by public health’s wet dreams.

The reality is that nonsmokers were never the victims of anyone and willingly patronized locales where some of the clientèle smoked. The reality is also that quite a few nonsmokers are cheap scrooges who do not spend much. Finally, the reality is that smokers are the spenders, and now smokers stay home (for real, not virtually) and smoke more, making Philip Morris happy and screwing up the economy. Good for them, keep on smoking!

However, it should be high time for the Tobacco Control retardos to pull their heads out of their asses and stop listening just to themselves, their epidemiological frauds, their own propaganda and also their Marxist economic imperatives. Somebody is trying to tell them something.

They won’t listen, of course. That is because they only understand force. So, actually the anti-smokers are telling US something and that something has nothing to do with freedom or prosperity.



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