When an epidemiological fraud becomes hatred… the only way is to fight it back. To that end, it is necessary that all the victims of hatred unite, cooperate, and accept the discipline of coordinated action and work.

We are glad to present the English version of FORCES Germany’s blog. The opening piece of this blog is an appeal to world-wide unification against a cancerous ideology that believes that prohibition combined with stigmatization and persecution is the way to go. The way to make that dangerous experiment fail is to disobey the laws, counter-educate and, especially, become impervious to antismoking propaganda and its plan to change our way of life.

We will never get tired to hammer those points home. The fact that many intelligent smokers already behave that way instead of feeling guilty, trying to hide or, even worst, trying to quit is sending the antismoking scum ballistic. Just look here to see the ever-growing and cyanotic statements of ASH and John Bazhaff, recently. Just read them and smoke in his face – and smoke right in the face of all those who share his views. As silly as it may sound, it’s important to ruin the enjoyment they get from persecuting people.

Smoking prohibition? Epidemiologic antismoking frauds? Just say no to them – in your heart and in your mind: it is that simple. Don’t let the tobacco control bastards intimidate you. Challenge their "authority". Disobey their laws. Keep them so busy suppressing liberty, they will collapse under their own weight. Smoke out their ideology and their perverse principles.

We invite all our English readers to participate in the FORCES Germany blog. Like all victims, smokers need to feel that they are not alone. We only have one recommendation, however: don’t transform it into a whiny blog, but into a constructive forum that leads to realistic, feasible solutions aimed at making Tobacco Control fail – in Germany and in the rest of the world.

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