There are no ifs, buts and ands. Avril Doyle, member of the EU Environment , Public Health and Food Safety Committee is a fascist, whether she realizes it or not. She is a fascist not just because she is an anti smoker, but because she has contempt of freedom and constitutions.

She supports all the epidemiological frauds of the most fanatical extreme wing of healthism. Just a cursory look at this piece from the Irish Examiner is sufficient to demonstrate our point (stored article). Here are some excerpts (emphasis added):

“SMOKING kills more people than Aids, murder, drugs, road accidents and suicide combined, but governments and the EU are allowing tobacco companies to influence their policies.”

Familiar line: Smoking, so far, has not killed anyone that can be scientifically demonstrated to be killed by smoking. It is an epidemiological fraud perpetrated by public health against the people it oppresses. As long as the pharmaceutical industry is allowed to finance, influence and dictate its interests to the public health institutions who behave like its marionettes, the tobacco industry must be allowed at least to do the same. Let us see more of the false claims reported by the Irish Examiner:

Propaganda against the tobacco industry

Its products kill half of its users.
False and indemonstrable. The mortality of tobacco is, in reality, a statistical fraud because it is incommensurable.

Causes a quarter of all cancer deaths.
False and indemonstrable. Not even one cancer can be scientifically demonstrated to be caused uniquely by smoking. It is also impossible to quantify the contribution of smoking, if any, to that cancer.

If developed today it would be banned.
That is stating the obvious. In fact, if developed today, cars, airplanes, nuclear power plants, plastic, nearly all chemicals and a myriad of products of progress would be banned by regressive public health institutions on the grounds of epidemiological trash science and the Precautionary Principle.

Promoted to young children in developing world.
That has never been demonstrated with direct examples of promotion; this false statement exists only to elicit emotions. Where are the commercials aimed at young children? Have you ever seen one? Why are they not shown to us? Conversely, it is a fact that public health’s big ally, Big Pharma, targets children for its psychotropic products – but the health authorities don’t seem to have a problem with that.

Exploits farmers struggling to break even.
False. Tobacco is a high-yield and highly profitable crop. Tobacco farmers are hardly exploited. Usually a tobacco farmer fares better than any other crop’s farmer in his country.

Fights against regulation.
If that is true, kudos for that. The fight against regulation based on scientific fraud is moral and necessary. The only criticism is that the tobacco industry does not fight "regulation" (euphemism for prohibition) hard enough.

Tried to undermine the WHO.
If that is true, kudos again. The WHO is a dishonest, criminal organization dedicated to the dissemination of scientific fraud and fascist measures to enforce it. It should be dismantled, and its operatives tried for a huge number of crimes.

Suppressed research on harmful effects.
False. In the early stages of the game, the tobacco industry pointed out that the "evils" of smoking are based on epidemiological junk science and fraud and that, at any rate, the claims are not scientifically demonstrable. That was correct then as it is today. The industry’s only fatal fault: it did not bring the fight all the way, so that those who committed the fraud would pay the consequences. Another fact: studies that are showing the therapeutic effects of smoking are suppressed.

Its prevention campaigns are designed to promote smoking.
Difficult to say. Regardless, if smoking were not demonized on the basis of ideology and scientific fraud, the companies that allegedly do that would not have to turn to those methods.

World Bank says it costs the global economy €125 billion a year when all costs and benefits are calculated.
Those figures are imaginary, indemonstrable and based on the statistical frauds above. Furthermore, the World Bank cannot be believed because, like the WHO, it has strong ties with the pharmaceutical multinationals that have a clear, vested interest in the promotion of this public health fraud. Smoking bans and tobacco prohibition make them billions, and that is made possible exclusively through the utter corruption of "public health" institutions.

As warm and charming as Nurse Ratchet (below) – the cold, sadistic tyrant from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (with whom she bears an interesting resemblance) – Doyle is not cuckoo at all. She is a cold enemy of liberty and of freedom of marketing and expression, contemptuous even of the European Constitution. She deliberately uses epidemiological fraud and instigation of public hatred to make tobacco illegal in the future. We shall smoke right in her face, and in the face of what she represent, regardless of the venom she spits.

With the typical rhetoric of anti tobacco, Avril Doyle states: “The global tobacco pandemic can be likened to a bush fire raging out of control. The arsonists claim they want to help put it out. Yet they are still fanning the flames and starting new fires around the world”.

In reality, the pandemic she is talking about should refer to the pharmaceutical industry – the arsonist that has enough influence on Brussels to make a mockery of European public health institutions. If there are entities everybody should be protected against, those are the pharmaceutical industry and its marionettes in the public health institutions, not the tobacco industry.

The contempt of this woman even for the European Constitution that she is supposed to work for is well described by this post on England Expects, that we recommend our reader to read now (if no longer visible, here is the stored article). Avril Doyle represents the most revolting face of Tobacco Control – ranging from the ideological to the moral to the political. Avril Doyle and what she represent is the enemy to defeat and punish.

She says: “By 2025 it should be illegal to sell tobacco products in the EU. That would give 15 years notice for all our citizens to realise just how serious we are about not allowing the continued sale within the EU and hopefully elsewhere of products… that may be legal but are not legitimate … the ultimate goal of making tobacco use a thing of the past.”

The ultimate goal of any responsible individual or organization must be to make what Avril Doyle represents a thing of the past: the corruption, the junk science, the rhetoric, the ideology, the bigotry, the prostitution to Big Pharma, its goals and its social control;– to say nothing of the public health institution itself which, certainly in its present form, is immoral and should be made not just illegitimate, but illegal. That is because of the corruption and fraud it steadily and relentlessly uses, along with the contempt shown for liberty and freedom of choice. Such institutional behaviour can never ever be tolerated, both on moral and on political grounds.

Let us stop Avril Doyle. Let us stop Tobacco Control. To paraphrase Doyle, our side must set any difference aside and show how serious it is in not allowing the continued sales within the EU and hopefully elsewhere of conscious fraud and disinformation — whatever it takes. Other great frauds are beginning to crumble, such as that of global warming. Let us make anti tobacco the next one. Let us put an end to the international collusion of deception.

Let us stop the dictatorial monster the EU is becoming. It is already showing signs of imbalance; let us make it stumble all together. We have to defeat these petty tin can dictators. We have to do it for ourselves, for our children, for our freedom of choice, of life and lifestyle, and for a future free from oppression and "public health" as it has become.

Every day more, that is becoming the duty of every responsible citizen, whether he smokes or not.

In the name of integrity.



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