By now, we are sure, none of our habitual readers has any doubt that obesity and alcohol are the new targets of the health bastards, but as we get new readers every day, it is important and useful to keep pointing that out, and to keep them informed on the “progress” of health fascism.
Here we have yet another article, yet another “suggestion” on how to tighten the screws on personal choice through demonization. This time the “suggestion” comes from Australia, a nation that is well versed in health Nazism.

First of all – as it happened for tobacco – the personal choice of many people to eat what they want without worrying about their weight is called an “epidemic” by the health bastards and their media lackeys.

“Tackling the global obesity epidemic will require governments to take similar action to that many used to curb smoking, a top researcher said on Wednesday.”


The latest insanity of the health Nazis:


Dr. Steve Ryan, British ideological heir of Dr. Josef Mengele, says that it is "almost certain" that surgeons will have to staple children’s stomachs within a few years… to fight the "obesity epidemic"!

Read the rest of the story here!

We are not surprised that "top researcher" Professor Boyd Swinburn works with the World Health Organization (WHO). This is no more surprising than seeing Herr Doktor Göbbels working for Hitler. As the Nazi party attracted the sociopaths, all the perverse social and ideological scum of Germany, so does the WHO at a global level. As human garbage held power and honours in 1938, so we see again in 2008.

Just as it happened for antitobacco the tyrants have begun with scare-mongering lies and nonsense. “The World Health Organisation classifies around 400 million people around the world as obese, 20 million of them children under the age of five.”

Is the world population growing fatter? Probably not much and surely commonly raging famine is the true problem. In any case the numbers on obesity amount to statistical hyperbole. The WHO is a dishonest gang that lies either blatantly or through distortion. What is not said is that the parameters to classify obesity have been changed to create the "epidemic" and to give “public health” more political power – and, to its pharmaceutical controllers, more markets.

After the statistical fraud, the next procedural step is to attack the “evil industry”: “Swinburn says the food industry has largely driven the epidemic with a stream of processed products that are cheaper and better-tasting but filled with unhealthy ingredients”.

Needless to say, what’s “healthy” or “unhealthy” is univocally established by the health bastards as consumers are mere “victims” in need of “help.”

How will the “help” come? Like this:

“…Regulations that restrict how companies market ‘junk’ food to children and requirements for schools to serve healthy meals.

“… Swinburn urged governments to introduce policies similar to those taken against smoking. These have included tightly controlled marketing to children and regulations warning of the dangers of smoking on cigarette packages.”

Yes of course. Just imagine, one day soon, buying the famous McDonald’s fries, and reading the sick ideology there too: "Fries Kill".

Those who are applauding smoking bans can see the cancerous ideology at work – and this time it may affect them. Mind you, many of "them" may even like that, as they were born to be goose-stepping Nazis, but most will not like being placed under the gun. These will be shocked, and appalled, rather too late.

After all, they “liked” what was done to smokers just because they have enough bad taste as not to like the scent of tobacco, but no, they won’t "like" what’s coming at more and more of them. The ideology becomes even more evident in the following paragraph:

“Obesity is persistent despite people being increasingly aware of the risks of being overweight, demonstrating the problem requires direct government intervention, he said.”

Even assuming that the risks actually exist (it may be so in extreme cases, but not in the vast majority of cases), it is clear that people who are aware of their hypothetical risks continue to eat as they please – and that choice is a “problem [that] requires direct government intervention”, the fascist spokesperson says.

Indeed, choice has always been a problem with all fascistic bastards in any epoch, and "direct government intervention" always came when citizens refused to do as they were told. The Nazi continues: “Governments have a number of ways to influence the behaviours of a population".

No doubt they do: humiliation, social denormalization, propaganda, surveillance, prohibition, suppression of expression and information, hyper-taxation, brainwashing, discrimination, denial of medical care, removal of parental authority, fines, police …

Conversely, the victim citizens also have a number of ways to put an end to governments and policies that have embraced fraud, oppression, healthist ideology and similar criminality: boycotts, refusal to file income tax returns, elections, outright disobedience, strikes, guns, counter-information, black markets, harassment of politicians, street demonstrations … and it is high time that they start using them – right now.

The alternative? Before long, someone will knock at your door. It will be the health police which, armed with warrants and weapons, will inspect your fridge, put your kids on the scale (and take them away if their weight does not fit the “standards”), check your cabinets for "unhealthy" foods, drinks, and liquor, and your basement for illegal cigarettes. You don’t believe that? Just do nothing, wait and see — and don’t cry later, for your apathy and acquiescence will receive just reward when the fascists kick you in the ass!

You don’t want that? Then stop the denial and take action against “public health” and Big Pharma. One last thing: face up to where we are in this, stop the whining, and don’t send petitions: “public health” is producing enough toilet paper already.



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