Audio file with visual illustrationsWe are proud to commence our round table discussions by presenting the first of a what we plan as a long series of multimedia debates on various topics that may be of interest to all those who are public health targets or wish for a society that is "public health-free."

In contrast to the mass-media which either ignore or carefully Bowdlerise “inconvenient” truths contrary to social engineering agenda, our topics will be well-developed and, when needed, explored in multiple sessions.

Moreover – what you’ll never find on mass-media – we shall also seek solutions to the institutional problem of “public health” – exploring ways to oppose campaigns and to "make it difficult" for “public health” to implement repressive laws: to the end of restoring a civil society based on choice, rather than intrusion, surveillance, and punishment.

Let’s face it: “the debate is over” is now the motto of "public health" – an euphemism for an all-out war against our way of life and our traditions. These they wish to replace with social engineering, a planned society, the old Communist dream that is still with us. In short, this is war. In a war anything goes. Too many are still stunned by this incredible turn in public policy, and still try to argue with a system that has decided not to hear.

In particular, we will attempt to pool together collective ideas to construct a political, intellectual, and pro-active structure to achieve practical results, such as abrogation/reduction of smoking bans, the development of mass-consciousness on statistical frauds, and so on.

You will find yourself in a deprovincialised, truly international arena with a great variety of cultures, accents and points of view which, however, have one thing in common: the love for freedom and truth.

The FORCES International round tables will attempt to focus on the myths, distortions and misunderstandings that prevent the people from collimating their energies into an organised and international movement against the Healthist coup d’état.

The FORCES round tables will discuss issues with the clarity and openness of those fondly-remembered free times which preceded the Healthist era and "political correctness." Real talk about real ideas is what it will take to expose, amongst ourselves and more widely, how bad things really are in the scientific and political arenas. We must contemplate and speak frankly of the difficulties we shall face in reëstablishing the social dignity that is being ripped from us by special interest groups. We must challenge the ideological dogmata that have become the basis for what is essentially a debased religion of Healthism.

Happy listening.

The first round table, “Casting Out the Unwanted”, shall address an abominable “public health” policy showing up in many countries and which recently made headlines in England: refusal of medical care to those with "unapproved" lifestyles, even after tax or premium payments have been made for a lifetime to the insurance programs. This is an extremely dangerous precedent with incalculable but certainly terrifying consequences. Even more terrifying is the concept that institutions have decided to adopt outright lies and false information to justify their behaviour. The host is Gian Turci. The guests are Roger Swafford and Patricia Glass (both from Alabama) and Elio Gagliano, MD, from Italy.

Click on the link at the bottom of this page to access the Multimedia Portal and listen to the first debate.

All FORCES readers and organisations are invited to participate in the FORCES round table with their views and ideas. That is what the round table is there for.

To participate, simply send an e-mail to, and supply your telephone number with the best time to contact you. You will be called to set up an appointment. You can also write to the same address to make suggestions for topics to be discussed.

This is certain: you will not be "edited out," and your participation will not be reduced to a 20-second sound byte!

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