FORCES International is pleased to present its new Multimedia (MM) Section. The links to the Multimedia portal are now activated everywhere.


The section will contain audio and video files on the FORCES themes of liberty, culture and science, recorded debates and interviews, and other materials to help activists in the fight against prohibition and institutional corruption on issues such as smoking, foods, alcohol, and even global warming — all now the subject of constantly fuelled public hysteria. The MM will have a lighter side as well, with links to entertainment such as old, copyright-expired movies from a past time of smoking and liberty – something to remind us of how free we once were, and how free we can be again if we defeat the political power and mentality of the healthists.

Open to the participation not only of FORCES members, but other groups fighting the intrusion of governments in the lives of citizens, FORCES Multimedia is an on-going project with future plans to include podcasting and other means of information dissemination.


This project is the fruit of the relentless dedication of FORCES members and the generous donations of readers, all of whom we deeply thank. Its appearance is simple, but it is powered by sophisticated technology and networking which is open-ended to future technological improvements. Countless hours of work by unpaid, skilled technicians who have sacrificed time and effort to the cause of liberty and institutional integrity have gone into its making. We owe them our deepest gratitude.

We start with a modest compilation of assorted video and audio files, but new materials will be added almost every day. Constantly improved, the Multimedia section will also be the forum for spoken debates and interviews to which you are invited to participate. What you see now is not the completion of this project, it’s the beginning! Many more functions and details will be added in the coming weeks. Don’t forget to visit it every day.

One of the oldest (and most effective) tricks of propaganda against people is to make them feel that they are the only ones left thinking or behaving in a certain way. This is done to demoralize them and stunt any desire to fight and rebel. We believe that audio-visual information is a powerful tool not only to disseminate freedom, views and opinions normally suppressed by the mass-media that cooperate with “public health,” but also to bring together the people targeted by today’s rising tide of intolerance.

We hope that our MM is going to be instrumental in that process.

Forget television and its “public health” propaganda. Crack out the best TV junk food you have, light up a cigarette, pour yourself a beer and enjoy. Let the show begin!



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